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Daily Archives: November 4, 2015

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John and Elle Vlakakis, Twins

By Olivia Gould What’s the most annoying thing your twin does? John: When we are in separate rooms instead of coming to talk to me she’ll just yell really loud.  Elle: If he doesn’t answer I’ll just stop because I get annoyed. John: She’ll stop

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Student Leader Questionnaire

By Corey Grunberg Some of the student leaders at Forest Hill were asked four fundamental questions about why they decided to take on their respective positions: Why did you choose to become a student leader? What’s your favourite thing about FHCI? What is your favourite

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Rylee and Jennaveve Cohen, Twins

By Olivia Gould Would you say your personalities are really different? How so? Rylee and Jennaveve at the same time: Yes!!!!! Rylee: I do everything that involves moving. Jennaveve: And I do everything that involves not moving. Rylee: The one thing we have in common