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Daily Archives: November 18, 2015

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Calling All Coffee Addicts!

By Mira Rossen, Emma Blatt, Emma Bogner, and Zoe Flores Himalayan Java Website: Location: 2552 Yonge St (Yonge and Eglinton) If you’re looking for a quiet study atmosphere near school, hop on the eastbound 32 bus and head to Himalayan Java. Only a short distance

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Sandeep Niranjan, Graduate

By Tal Harxhi Which teacher inspired you the most to take the career path you wanted to go into too? Well it may be indirect but I suppose Ms. Dalamba definitely made a huge contribution to what I chose and what I wanted to do

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Dear Grade 9 Me…

By Janet Chukwu and Kejsi Vaso and Mira Rossen We asked senior students for advice that they would give themselves if they were back in grade nine. Below, a collection of senior students share their best pieces of advice based on years of high school

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Parody Advertisements

Students in the Grade 11 Media Studies course created parody advertisements (an advertisement that ridicules or draws negative attention to the real advertisement). Can you spot the criticism? Created by Tyler Burstein: Created by Henry Frumkin: Created by Riley Koltun: Created by Roberto Iduria: Created by Edan Rosen:

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High Five

Five Jokes by Austin Kranc 1. A student holds a putter. “I’m now a student leader. I own the golf club.” 2. A science teacher shows her students a live frog ready for dissection. “Class we will perform an experiment.” She puts the frog down.