High Five

Five Jokes by Austin Kranc

1. A student holds a putter.
“I’m now a student leader. I own the golf club.”


2. A science teacher shows her students a live frog ready for dissection.
“Class we will perform an experiment.”
She puts the frog down.
The frog jumps.
She then cuts off the frog’s legs.
“Jump!” She says again; yet this time the frog doesn’t jump.
“Did you see that, class? Frogs without legs can’t hear!”


3. A student comes to his math teacher for extra help.
“I can do addition, but I can never figure out subtraction problems,” says the student. “What’s the difference?”
The teacher responds, “Exactly.”


4. An exhausted student exits his physics class. He approaches his friend.
Student: I’m extremely tired and sweaty.
Friend: Why? Which class did you just have?”
Student: “Physic-al education.”


5. At this school there is the business club and the cooking club.
One makes dough, the other is cooking club.


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