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Monthly Archives: February 2016

High Five (Edition II)

By Austin Kranc 1. Why do students become uncouth on weekends? Because they have no class. 2. Why do science students work best together? Because they have chemistry. 3. Why did the student break his carrot in half at 11:45 AM? Because it was lunch

Motivation for the start of semester 2.

Janet Chukwu, Caterina Vescio and Adnan Saoud Students may find it hard to get through another semester of school, especially right after they have written final examinations. Students may have had a rough first semester, and have no motivation to complete another 5 months of

One-Way Ticket to FHCI

By Riley Koltun “Moving to a completely different country is quite a drastic change, everything you knew, all that was familiar, near and dear to your heart will be nothing but memories.” Forest Hill CI welcomes new student Sigi Buzi all the way from Albania

Humans of FHCI: Couple Series

Ethan Levy and Emma Albaum How long have you two been dating? Emma: “3 months.” What’s your favourite thing about Ethan? Emma: “He drives me around.” What’s your favourite thing about Emma? Ethan: “She makes me food.” Tell me something interesting about your relationship. Ethan:

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I am not a Poet…

I am not a poet Because I already know it. You try to show me but you are phony And you try to phone me Like ring ring But I’m coming with the bling bling I’m talking cha ching ching And I hear the money

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February 14 Around The Globe

By Denis Qeska and Rory Kates What comes to mind when you think about the fourteenth day of February – Valentine’s Day? Many might envision flowers the colour of rubies, a card expressing admiration, gestures expressing adoration, or even a winged child letting heart-tipped arrows

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What’s so controversial about Instagram? Listen to Thalia Desmond’s podcast to find out:   Do you think refugees should be coming into Canada? Hear what students are saying in this podcast by Denis Qeska:   What music are you listening to?  Olivia Gould is asking the

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Student Websites

  Have you ever been on the hunt for that particular fashion item, and couldn’t find it? Let Annie Chusid help you out. Her website gives chic solutions that won’t pinch your wallet:   Are you a female who plays sports? Samara Silver has

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Letter from the Editors (Fall 2015)

Dear Students and Staff of Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, We are thrilled to share the release of the 2015 Fall Edition of Forest Hill’s online newspaper with you! We would like to thank our hardworking and talented contributors for all of the content that you

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Animation Videos

Watch out! This is called stressing. [Claymation] Sandwich is about getting the first and last bite. [3-D animation] Is there coffee shop love in Encounter? [Hand drawn and computer generated]