Interview conducted by The Golden Falcon


How long did you two date?

Mirza: I’m pretty sure we dated for 6 months.

When did you two break up?

Andreea: Over the summer.

Do you think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated?

Andreea: Yes because it’s still a nice day to spend with someone special.

Mirza: Yes, it’s a day for people to show their love for each other.

Are you still friends?

Mirza: Yes.

Andreea: Yes.

What are the rules for exes to remain friends?

Andreea: Have boundaries!

Mirza: No rules. You’re either friends or you aren’t.

What is your favourite memory with your ex?

Mirza: Spending time with someone who cared.

Andreea: Going on car rides and listening to music.

How do you get over a breakup?

Andreea: Be with your friends and eat lots of ice cream.

Mirza: Spending time with friends.

How much do you still remember about your ex? (These are questions about your ex)

Commonly used phrase(s)?

Andreea (about Mirza): “There’s only one zlatan.”

Mirza (about Andreea): “Stop it.”

Favourite place to eat?

Andreea (about Mirza): St. Louis’.

Mirza (about Andreea): Convenience store noodles.

Favourite artist?

Andreea (about Mirza): Uhhhh… it varies…right now Big Sean?

Mirza (about Andreea): BEYONCE.

Biggest dream/goal/aspiration?

Andreea (about Mirza): Become a professional soccer player.

Mirza (about Andreea): Get into uni and become a successful independent woman.

Favourite show?

Andreea (about Mirza): White Collar.

Mirza (about Andreea): Likes many but I’m gonna go with How I Met Your Mother.