Couples of FHCI: Jordan and April

Interview conducted by Andreea Iurea


How did you two meet?

April: At elementary school in grade 7.

What do you most love about him/her?

Jordan: I love her smile.

April: I love how he makes me laugh all the time.

Do you think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated?

Jordan: I think it should, just to spice things up a bit.

What does love look like to you?

April: It is when you can be comfortable being yourself around your partner.

Jordan: Love looks like…uh…I don’t know.

What makes you feel loved?

April: When he treats me like a queen.

Favourite date idea?

Jordan: Long drives and eating amazing food.

April: Going out for an adventure.

What’s your favourite way to spend time with your significant other?

Jordan: Watching movies.

April: Doesn’t matter what we do as long as were together, it’s my favourite time.

Would you rather give gifts or receive gifts?

Jordan: Giving gifts is nice unless I’m broke.

April: I would rather give gifts but I’m always broke.

How do you know when you’re in love?

April: I didn’t really know, it just hit me.

Jordan: You know you’re in love when you still love the person even after do the stupidest things.

Dinner at a fancy restaurant or fast food takeout?

Jordan: Fast food takeout (when I’m broke).

April: Anything, as long as the food is good.

Who is your celebrity valentine?

Jordan: Can’t say, I’m gonna get in trouble…

April: I don’t need a celebrity valentine, Jordan is enough.

You can pick two qualities in a guy/girl, which do you pick: faithfulness, humour, or intelligence.

April: Good humour and faithfulness, that’s what I love about him.

Jordan: Faithfulness and intelligence, because April doesn’t have good humour, but she’ll crack me up once in a while.

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