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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Please Watch ‘Tramps’

I’m pleading with you pretty directly, so you have to do it By Gabe Nisker Premiering at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Adam Leon’s second feature Tramps is an unassuming film. And maybe it makes sense that it dropped on Netflix today pretty quietly. But that’s

Pets of FHCI: Bruiser

If Bruiser were a human, what would some of their personality traits be?

“Like I mentioned before, Bruiser (Notorious P.U.G) sleeps bare. If he were a human, he would be a couch potato that all day would watch planet earth and yell at the T.V.

Pets of FHCI: Mocha

This pet belongs to Lauren

My dog, Mocha has a weird habit of only eating if someone else is around him, we leave food out all the time and he won’t eat unless we are there nearby in the same room/floor as him. When I got my dog in 8th grade, I was already addicted to coffee and he was a darker caramel brown colour than he is now, so the name Mocha just seemed to fit.

A Guide to High School

By Andi Mayer-Goodman Read her Humans of FHCI article here High school is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, its unexpected quick turns, its excitement, and the feeling you get halfway through when you decide you want to get off, but

Pets of FHCI: Todd

Why did you decide on the name you gave to your dog?

“The Disney movie, The Fox and the Hound, was a childhood movie of mine. The fox’s name is Todd and it really seemed to fit my new puppy.”

Seriously, Thank God for Jokes

I confess I should’ve been doing homework, okay? But I couldn’t help myself. After watching his two features in the span of a month and a half, I’d settled into a comfortable relationship with the comedy of Mike Birbiglia. It’s really relaxing to listen to.