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Please Watch ‘Tramps’

I’m pleading with you pretty directly, so you have to do it

By Gabe Nisker

Premiering at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Adam Leon’s second feature Tramps is an unassuming film. And maybe it makes sense that it dropped on Netflix today pretty quietly. But that’s not to say it isn’t special — it is.

Leon’s first film premiered internationally at Cannes after a SXSW premiere in the US. It’s called Gimme The Loot and it’s a pretty good movie about two friends — graffiti artists — who plan to tag the Citi Field Home Run Apple, the statue that pops up when the Mets hit a homer. It’s pretty unassuming, too, actually — now that I think about it again.

And that’s what Leon is so good at. There’s a quiet nature to his movies, even as the premises have everyday people doing not-always-everyday things. The camera moves slickly and smartly — we get pans and dollies but we often get these documentary-like shots of city streets, of lots of people and of everyday things happening (and of the film’s own characters!)

That’s what makes both of Leon’s films so realistic…or at least real-feeling. There’s an innate sense of personality to them — his films have characters you think you know or maybe they feel like you. They feel right.

Tramps is the movie that happens when a guy has to make sure a briefcase gets into the right hands (because his brother can’t do it like originally intended, he’s in prison) and a girl has to make some money so she’s the driver.

That’s how they meet but Callum Turner and Grace Van Patten, the film’s leads, are super charming together and it makes Tramps a joy to watch.

I tried to get to a screening of this at the film festival last year — I heard about it too late and I couldn’t get in. I’m happy I found the end product. I’m happy Netflix gave it a home. Leon’s a good filmmaker and the films he makes are good (I don’t think that’s really the same thing, even if you think it is). So, watch them, please. I’m begging you. Let him make more.

Astonishing Soccer Events In the Past 2 Months in Europe

By Muhammed Melik Izol 

Last week was a big one for all the soccer fans around the world and the soccer fans at Forest Hill. The world’s two most prestigious soccer competitions, UEFA Champions League, and the Europa League games were played. From surprising defeats to unseen field events, there was everything.

Can Barcelona FC do it again?

Two months ago, on February 14th 2017, in their away game versus Paris Saint Germaine, Barcelona lost 4-0, and surprised every soccer fan in the world. However, they made up for this humiliating loss by beating PSG 6-1 at home on March 8th 2017 and moving onto the UEFA Champions League semifinals, a comeback rarely seen on a soccer pitch. Last week in Italy, on April 11th 2017, Barcelona again had a surprising defeat with a score of 3-0 against Juventus and now have the fans wondering if they could pull of another amazing comeback in the second leg of the game, at home on April 19th 2017.

Ronaldo’s 100th 

Current title holder of world’s best player, Cristiano Ronaldo had a stellar performance against Bayern Munich FC. Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid has won the player of the year award, the prestigious Fifa Ballon D’or (Golden Ball) four times, just one behind all-time record of Lionel Messi. The two European giants, Bayern and Madrid clashed against each other at Bayern Munich’s field, Allianz Arena. The game finished 2-1 in favor of Real Madrid, and Ronaldo scored both goals for his team. He now has 100 goals in all European competitions, more than anyone has scored in history of soccer.

A rare occurrence.
An event that’s never seen before happened in the Europa League game between Olympique Lyonnais versus Besiktas JK, on April 13th 2017. Before the start of the game, the fans of both teams clashed against each other in the stadium, which caused the Olympique Lyonnais fans to flee into the pitch. Thousands of fans in the field caused the game to be delayed 50 minutes. The game finished 2-1 in favor of Olympique Lyon, and the second leg of the game will be played on April 20th 2017.

Pets of FHCI: Bruiser

This pet belongs to Tyler B

“Bruiser maybe a small, lazy and snoring pug, but he does some tricks that are the most impressive I’ve ever scene! He can guess correctly where the treat is in between my two hands and points to them with his paw.”

If Bruiser were a human, what would some of their personality traits be?

“Like I mentioned before, Bruiser (Notorious P.U.G) sleeps bare. If he were a human, he would be a couch potato that would watch Planet Earth all day and yell at the T.V. (because he barks at it every time), eat a lot and sleep. When the weekend comes around, Bruiser would be that guy who parties hard for five minutes then goes to pass out on the couch.”

Does Bruiser have any weird habits or skills/tricks?

“Bruiser loves to sleep. He is constantly sleeping, but when anyone in my house brings in food or tries to walk as quietly as possible with food, he will get up instantly and run as fast as he can to where the food is. He then just sit there and beg. Bruiser also does some pretty rad tricks. If I put a treat in any of my hands and close my fists he will lift up his paw and tap the hand which has the food.”

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Planning For a Better Future with Lego Blocks

By Muhammed Izol 

On December 1st 2016, a group of students from FHCI attended a field trip led by Mr. Ketchum. The trip was to Metro Convention Centre to participate in a seven hour long workshop done by Urban Land Institute. The workshop was previously done in high schools in the UK and US, but never in Canada before. So, the Forest Hill Collegiate students had the honour of participating the first Urban Land Institute workshop in Canada.

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The purpose of the workshop was to engage teenagers in the leadership, work, planning, and effort that goes into designing the neighbourhoods that we live in and to understand the importance of urban planning.

During the workshop, students were put into groups, and each member of the group were given jobs such as finance director, marketing director, city liaison, neighbourhood liaison, or site planner. By the end of the workshop, students were to design and plan a neighbourhood while satisfying the requests from the city council and the residents living in the area.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 6.10.35 PM.png
A group of students in a workshop at the Metro Convention Centre

Throughout the workshop each group was visited twice by two different professionals and were asked challenging questions on their decisions. This was done in order to better prepare them for the final presentation to the city council as the groups would compete with each other to be chosen as the best neighbourhood plan.

Even though the presentation was difficult, as the groups were being asked critical questions by professional adults, each group was successful in their presentation. The participants were given the Urban Land Institute Certificate for completing the workshop with success.

More on Urban Planning and Its Importance

Urban planning is the developed, safe, and sustainable use of land. It becomes a great concern for future generations as the population shifts from rural areas to more urban areas. As populations of cities get larger, the area used by the cities grow, so does destruction of wild life habitat and carbon emission. Raising awareness amongst the youth and educating them about the issues of tomorrow allow for them to plan better for the future. Which is why it is important to have field trips and workshops (like the Urban Land Institute Urban Planning Workshop) designed to educate kids on real life issues outside the classroom


Get Outside!

By Alissa Schwartz and the Student Travel Committee

Are you stressed out from too much homework? Trying to keep your new year’s resolution of being healthy? Broke from having to fuel your car? Well, lucky for you there is a simple answer to your problem. Walk, bike, and take the public transit, to travel to and from school. Walking and biking to school burns calories, so you can help maintain a healthy weight, and positive body image. You may find that going on a nice walk, or bike ride helps calm your nerves before taking a stressful test, or from finishing a busy day at school. Being active is proven to battle depression, stress and anxiety.

It is simple to make time to get exercise by using the beltline, or getting off a few bus stops early. Owning a car is nice, but driving in Eglinton traffic is time consuming and gas guzzling. It can get pretty expensive. If you live too far to walk or bike to school, the public transit is a great alternative. It is wonderful for the environment because you are not wasting gas, driving your individual motor vehicle. Driving to school creates seven times more greenhouse gas emissions, than taking public transit. The best part of riding public transit is just hanging out with your friends on the bus and/or subway. Your wallet will thank you for buying the student discounted bus fares. So if you’re tired of your trek home or to school, there are healthier and cheaper alternatives, that can do the environment and yourself some good.

Can you Guess Which FHCI Teacher Said This?

How well can you correctly match the quote to the teacher?

Pets of FHCI: Mocha

This pet belongs to Clarissa Evans

My dog, Mocha has a weird habit of only eating if someone else is around him, we leave food out all the time and he won’t eat unless we are there nearby in the same room/floor as him. When I got my dog in 8th grade, I was already addicted to coffee and he was a darker caramel brown colour than he is now, so the name Mocha just seemed to fit.

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Pets of FHCI: Sonny

This pet belongs to Olivia Gould

Does your pet have and weird habits or skills/tricks?

Whenever he hears the word here, no matter the context, he starts to bark and runs to the front window because he thinks someone is at the door. Even if someone says, “can you hear me” or “look over here” he has the same reaction every time. He isn’t very smart.

Why did you decide on the name you gave to your pet?

Originally we gave him the name Sonny because he is a Fox Red Labrador so he is more of a red colour and we just liked the name. As he got used to being in our house we started to pick up on his favourite spots to sleep and sit, those being outside in the sun, near the door when it is open so the sun shines in and on the couch near the front window where he can look outside and have the sun on his face. So we knew the name was perfect.

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Pets of FHCI: Mozzie the Snake!

This pet belongs to Deno Nemeth

Briefly describe a funny or interesting moment you or someone else had with your pet.

During the summer I used to take him on walks. I would put him around my neck and just walk wherever so he could sun bathe. One day I was walking with him and I saw one of team mates from rugby walking towards me. I stopped to say hi and he thought the snake was fake until it moved its head. He freaked out and started screaming when he realized it was real. Funniest reaction I’ve gotten.

Why did you decide on the name you gave your pet?

My snakes name is Mozzie after a character in the show White Collar. I chose this name because like the character in the show, snakes are very sneaky and very good at escaping.

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A Guide to High School


By Andi Mayer-Goodman

Read her Humans of FHCI article here

High school is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, its unexpected quick turns, its excitement, and the feeling you get halfway through when you decide you want to get off, but you can’t, so you stick through it and end up having one of the greatest times of your life.  High school is everything you make it. It sometimes feels like you cannot get through a day, let alone four years. Over my three years of high school I have developed skills and tips that have kept me from breaking down and taught me how to enjoy school. If you follow along these four tips, I guarantee you will not only be able to survive, but thrive in high school with success and happiness.

 Steps to succeed:

1. Stay Organized.

You get an assignment sheet from your English teacher, then you just throw it in your bag because, ugh, you will figure it out later, right? Skip to two weeks later, it’s the due date of the assignment that you totally forgot you had, and you can’t even find the sheet. All of this could have been prevented with simple organization.  Organization is a skill that is crucial to survive high school. It is a skill that one can easily learn and develop.  Being organized can lower your stress and give you a sense of calmness. There are many ways to stay organized in high school. Now I know, it’s so easy just to throw the sheet into your bag and worry about it later. But why worry! Rather than struggling and rushing to write the assignment the night before, you should plan ahead so don’t have to have that extra anxiety on you. By planning ahead and sticking to that plan, you will know what you have to do each night, instead of leaving it all to the last minute. Write in your agenda. Your agenda is your lifesaver in high school. When you get an assignment or test, write it down! It takes less than five seconds. Get binders and dividers! This way, come exam time, when you’re struggling to find all the papers that you thought you had crumbled up in your knapsack, it is all organized in one nice binder. It will save you time and stress. These three organization tips, writing in your agenda, planning ahead, and using binders, will definitely save you from that extra unworthy high school stress.

2. Develop Relationships

School is not all about the work. Don’t forget to have fun and be social. Try to make friends with a diverse group of people. When coming to FHCI in grade 10 I had a core friend group, but over the past two years I have made friends with many other people that I never thought I would be friends with. I’m not saying you need to be best friends with everyone, but making friends is a nice way to put yourself out there. It’s great getting to know people! Develop relationships with teachers. Not all teachers you see walk around with a ruler in one hand and an apple in the other. You’d be surprised how fun and insightful they can be. Plus, if a teacher likes you, they will be easier on you. However, you can’t fake being nice, teachers can smell that a mile away.

3. Get Involved

Getting involved in school adds to the high school experience. Do things like joining the school play, going to home games, participating in sports teams etc. By having school spirit and doing these things you get a sense of community and will meet more people.  We have so many clubs to choose from at our school that at least one must interest you, and if they don’t, start your own club! High school is a time where you find out who you are and what you enjoy doing. By joining these things you will have fun pursuing new interests. Don’t look at these extra activities as a burden to take up your time. In the long run these activities will be nothing but positive as they will add to your high school experience as a whole.

4. Lastly, have fun!

Although high school may not be what we see in movies with pep rallies and breaking out into songs in the middle of lunch, you can still have fun. High school is a once in a lifetime moment. Stop stressing. So what if you do poorly on a quiz about safety equipment at the beginning of the year. Will that really matter in your overall high school experience? There is a part of high school that is supposed to be fun. It is our time to learn who we are; we do this by joining clubs, making new friends, and getting involved. So try not to get through high school just doing the “bare minimum.” Put yourself out there, step outside of your comfort zone, and make it the best four years of your life! Cheers to the teenage years!


Pets of FHCI: Todd

This pet belongs to Julia Rudnicki

Why did you decide on the name you gave to your dog? 

“The Disney movie “The Fox and the Hound” was a childhood movie of mine. The fox’s name is Todd and it really seemed to fit my new puppy.”

How has your pet changed your life in anyway?

“Todd has definitely changed my life. He looks like a teddy bear and he has such a positive presence that every time I look at him, I become instantly happy. He impacted my life in a very positive way.”

Does your pet have and weird habits or skills/tricks?

“Todd can sit, lie down, and give a paw. His favourite toy is a small pig.”

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A Conversation with Shana and Abbey


How long have you been friends?

Abbey: “Almost 4 years.”

Shana: “We met 5 years ago but we’ve been friends for 4 years.”

What things you do you have in common, and what things do you not have in common?

Abbey: “We like to talk about the same things… one of us is very moody. Actually, we’re both very moody — it’s not just me. She likes to share a lot of stuff with me and that is good.”

Shana: “You do not like to share, which makes you mean.”

Abbey: “Mean how?”

Shana: “I’m mean too.”

Abbey: “We both have the same allergies. She’s allergic to gluten and I’m allergic to nuts.”

Shana: “We also wear the same clothes and don’t like meat.”

Abbey: “Which makes it even harder.”

Why do you think you get along?

Abbey: “We’re the same age. She’s a bit younger. We get along because it is entertaining to see all the things she does, we’re… like… so similar. We rely on each other for a lot of things. Like, if I was to say who I rely on the most, it wouldn’t be my mom, it would be Shana.”

Shana: “Thanks.”

Abbey: “It’s really annoying when Shana isn’t there. It is really irritating when she puts me on ‘do not disturb’. She’s very moody sometimes.”

Shana: “No, she gets so moody.”

Do you think you’re still going to be friends once you leave high school?

Shana: “I think we are going to be friends, because we are going to have kids… we’re going to marry twins and have identical kids. People say we look alike, so if we have kids with twins, they are going to be cousins, which means we have to stay friends. And we’re going to go to the same university.”

Abbey: “Have you seen the picture of us? It’s really funny.”

Are there any pet peeves you have with each other?

Shana: “It’s hard to go to her house, because dog hair gets all over your clothes, which is annoying.”

Abbey: “It’s hard to be friends with someone who cares more about their clothes than your dog.”

Shana: “She’s very dramatic and doesn’t really share. But she’s getting better at it. She also exaggerates way too much.”

Abbey: “Well I am not lying; like… more like if I were to tell a story about getting hit by a car, I would say ‘I got hit by a bus’, not by a car.”

Shana: “She never remembers anything. She has a terrible memory. It’s so annoying.”

Abbey: “She remembers everything! She always remembers our old fights and then gets mad at me for something that happened 3 years ago.”

Shana: “Once, she got mad at me for not coming to the bathroom with her at the cottage and texted mean stuff about me to her friends and then showed me.”

Abbey: “She always says I am having a bad day, and always says ‘Abbey feels this is rude.’ Sometimes Shana says abnormal things that are just rude. Shana chews too loud.”

Do you feel you make each other better?

Shana: “No. Actually, yes. Kinda… both because when she wants to do something good then I will do it to, which is good. But, then if she wants to do something bad then she will make me do it too, which is bad.”

Abbey: “Yes, Same. I kinda feel like our personalities are either really similar or they merged or something.”

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Seriously, Thank God for Jokes

I confess I should’ve been doing homework, okay? But I couldn’t help myself. After watching his two features in the span of a month and a half, I’d settled into a comfortable relationship with the comedy of Mike Birbiglia. It’s really relaxing to listen to. His shows have an intimacy and a personality that is unmatched in the comedy world. His latest special is no different.

Titled Thank God for Jokes, Birbiglia’s newest special goes anywhere and everywhere he feels comfortable. It’s clear he’s worked out his material thoughtfully and carefully as he always does. You just want to listen to him tell his stories – he’s so good at it. What’s great is that he’s crafted all his comedy to the degree that they’re not always such traditional “jokes”. They’re all stories – funny ones – and you can’t help but laugh as he tells them in his Birbiglian way. Of course, though, he’s got such a smart sense of awareness about it all — his observations and witty comments come like Vin Diesel — Fast and Furious.But don’t worry, the jokes are better than that one I just made – the laughs are aplenty in this one, so it’s worth it. This special is framed around his hosting of the 2012 Gotham Awards but he goes on tangents — suspended licenses and nut allergies are just a few of his many targets. Of course, targets are a hot button topic. What can we make jokes about? What can’t we? Birbiglia’s awareness comes up once again here and it’s an interesting reminder to us all about the importance of comedy.It’s also clear Birbiglia knows how to keep focus — he always wraps it back together with a callback joke and he always comes back to the Gotham Awards. Stories are foundational for comedy and segues are always important. The way he uses the Gotham Awards as a diving board is, frankly, brilliant.As I mentioned earlier, observations are some of the pillars for good comedy — much of comedy comes from such simple observations. And as Birbiglia brings up the Charlie Hebdo incident, he is at his wisest. He could’ve just told jokes. Thank God he didn’t.