The Terry Fox Run: A Tradition Worth Continuing

By Josh Blatt

Social Issues Head Editor

Every year, the students of Forest Hill walk, run, and donate money in honour of the great Canadian Terry Fox. Terry Fox, despite losing one of his legs to cancer, decided to run across Canada in order to raise money to cure the complex sickness he faced. In total, over $750 million dollars have been raised in the humanitarian’s name. This event not only collects money for the paramount issue of cancer research, but gives students and staff the opportunity to take a break from their busy schedules to get active and celebrate a truly inspiring man. Terry Fox is a person who will be remembered for his determination and selflessness and Forest Hill plans to continue celebrating his work and raising money in his name for a very long time.

Are You Good Enough To Win Family Feud?

Here’s How It Works: Below are real questions from the gameshow Family Feud. Guess which answer has the most points, and that is the correct answer.

We asked 100 people…

Humans of FHCI – Nurdan K.

By Jacob Calderone

What brings you the most happiness?

It would definitely have to be coffee. Coffee is my life. Especially before school, because school is tiring. I love to get my coffee at Tim Hortons, especially the Iced Latte with a shot of espresso. I need to have the espresso to kick start my morning.

What is your greatest struggle right now?

That’s a good question. I think it would have to be balancing my school and social life. Since I am in grade 12 now, I need to focus on my studies, but I also want to enjoy my last year of high school. For example, I want to hang out with my girls like all the time, but I can’t because of school. I am still working on trying to find a balance, yet I hope that my last year at FHCI will be amazing!

What motto do you live by?

I live by the motto, “Treat other the way you want to be treated.” I think this is so important because especially nowadays with social media, people can be really mean. Not just me, but if everyone lived their lives with this motto in mind, our world would be a much happier place. Everyone would respect one another, which is so so important.

Exclusive: Spirit Week Events Announced

Spirit Week is next week!

Here is everything The Golden Falcon knows about Spirit Week:

Monday, September 25th

Club Fair at lunch in the courtyard

Tuesday, September 26th

Athletic Council Activity (to be determined)

Wednesday, September 27th

Music Directorate Activity (to be determined)

Tropical Day

Thursday, September 28th

Terry Fox Run in the morning

Student council Activity at lunch in the foyer

Blue and Gold Day

Friday, September 29th

Pep Rally

Orange Day

Humans of FHCI – Cat L.

By Leora Trefler

Who is your role model?

My role model is my mom. From the day I was born she’s inspired me, taught me how to be strong, respectful and help others no matter what. I really admire her as a person and want to be just like her when I grow up.

What is one thing people do not know about you?

One thing most people don’t know about me is that I bring a blanket to every class because the rooms are too cold. His name is Albert by the way.
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Do You Really Know The Periodic Table?

Test your knowledge on The Periodic Table here:

It’s 1917, Just 100 Years Ago

KSN basketball 1917.jpg

It is shocking to see just how much the world has changed in 100 years. Here is some facts from 1917 to put everything into perspective:

  1. The global literacy rate was 23 percent
  2. The average price of a consumer car in the US was $400
  3. Sugar cost 4 cents a pound
  4. The population of Las Vegas, Nevada was 30 people
  5. The global population was 1.9 billion
  6. 6 percent of Americans graduated from high school
  7. 8 percent of homes had a telephone
  8. There were 230 reported murders in the US
  9. The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph
  10. More than 95 percent of births took place at home
  11. The average annual income for an individual was $800
  12. 20 percent of Americans could not read or write
  13. 90 percent of doctors did not have a college education
  14. It took 5 days to get from London to New York
  15. The toggle light switch was the major breakthrough in technology
  16. A loaf of bread was $0.07

How Well Would You Do On Jeopardy?

These questions are from real Jeopardy shows. There is a mix of easy and hard questions from various categories. Good luck!

Can You Name This Organic Molecule?

By Rachel L

Source: Los Angeles Mission College

If you’re anything like me, organic chemistry is difficult. Those who study it have alkynes of trouble.

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