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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Red Alert Politics

Take a Knee Campaign

By Vanessa Ifepe Twenty four NFL players at Wembley Stadium in London, took a knee during the American National Anthem in protest of Donald Trump. This was after Trump made a comment about players who take a knee during the anthem needing to be fired. Time

Creative Writing: Scorn

By Justin Shapiro I – HIS WRATH For years he walked the ides of the free, turned to ashes by the men of yield, slayed by killers without names, the spawns of Tempter. Riddled theirs minds of disease and plague, dawn marked a day of

This Is Me In Grade Nine

By Sophie Gold Change can be scary.  And high school definitely means change.  The prospect of entering high school was never far from my thoughts over the summer.  I felt anxious and excited, apprehensive and eager all at the same time.  The Labour Day weekend