‘Tis the Season to Reflect

By Linda Cako

“I can’t believe I was so stupid, my phone is gonna die any second now and I left my charger at home!”

“I’m sorry sir, but do you have any spare change for the payphone?”

“What hotel should we stay in this year? Or should we just go back to last year’s?”

“You should have come earlier, I’m afraid we don’t have any space left in the shelter tonight.”

“Ugh! My mom and dad want to have a Christmas dinner with the entire family so I can’t go to the party. Can you believe them? I’m trying to get out early though, so we’ll see…”

“When will Daddy come visit us, Mommy?”

-“In 2 years, when he’s done his tour, love.”

“My family is coming over for dinner this year. It’s gonna be so embarrassing.”

“Do you think the hospital’s cafeteria will have turkey?”

-“As long as they have coffee I think we’ll be fine.”

“I thought I told Santa I wanted a RED toy truck!”

“I’m afraid Santa missed us again this year…maybe he’ll come in April?”

“I haven’t eaten since this morning, I’m starving!”

“I’m so sorry honey, but rent cost went up so we’ll have to go back to the food bank tonight.”

While we spend our holidays this year, it’s important that we count what we are thankful for and appreciate all that we have been given. Someone out there will not be so lucky, so make the most of it.

Linda is a grade 12 student at FHCI and is a Social Issues Editor for The Golden Falcon newspaper. 

Image Source: https://www.google.ca/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwippaX6pJbYAhWl64MKHfIMCxUQjhwIBQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.shopellesstudio.com%2Fblog%2F2016%2F08%2Fintroducing-our-new-collection-tis-the-season.html&psig=AOvVaw0PhbihmQ0rrgxrz49Ukj-K&ust=1513780184320975

Save the Little Blue Planet

By Linda Cako

Climate Change has never been good news. Science has always provided the evidence for the global impact and consequences stating that we would experience more extreme weather, see an unprecedented rate of extinction, and have more toxic levels of smog. Within the past few months alone we had seen some of the damaging cases of forest fires in Canada, we had three destructive hurricanes hit consecutively, and smog levels have reached their highest levels yet in some parts of the world. Not to mention that land ice has decreased by 286 gigatonnes just this year alone (Climate NASA, 2017).

While we live comfortable lives in Toronto, even here we can see the dangerous effects of climate change in subtle ways. For example, up until a few weeks ago, we were still hitting temperature in the double digits. Even now in December we still haven’t experienced any proper flurries or frost.

While most of this is not new, and these facts are depressing to hear, they are important to acknowledge. This year we have had a very frightening experience with politicians and their beliefs but it is important to see the signs and not simply dismiss them. In times of ignorance, facts are the only foundation on which we must base our actions upon. Otherwise, forget about saving the planet and adopt the realization that this will be our reality from now.

Governor Jerry Brown stated that these forest fires would become “the new normal” due to increasing heat and dryness in California.

It is important to always remember that little steps count. Small actions such as recycling, using renewable sources of energy when possible, using more energy efficient appliances, and reducing car emissions by keeping cars in good condition can all help. Making dietary changes can help too, such as cutting back on meat and dairy products. All are good ways to doing our part. The only thing missing is awareness.

While it’s so easy to read these articles and forget about climate change right after, it’s important that we do not do this. Climate change is very scary and is threatening millions of lives right now. Not to mention all our lives are being threatened in the long term.

So don’t just read passively and forget. At times like these, the action is essential to pull ourselves up and make the necessary amends to slow down climate change like our lives depend on it because they do.

As Margaret Mead said, “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.”

Linda is a grade 12 student at FHCI and is a Social Issues Editor for The Golden Falcon newspaper.

Image Source: https://www.google.ca/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwjplpaXpJbYAhVF5YMKHdutBjIQjhwIBQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftrendintech.com%2F2016%2F10%2F06%2Flatest-figures-estimate-we-need-90-trillion-to-save-the-planet%2Fkane-blog-picz-amazon-uk%2F&psig=AOvVaw09RC0rTQUjWwHOqm2dVHcx&ust=1513780021425257

The Mystery In Space Programs

By Ethan Blumberg

I have always asked myself why the Canadian and American governments annually spend enormous amounts of money on their respective space programs and different international space initiatives. The scale of the spending has led to a constant debate in both Canada and the United States for many years. While I do understand the global importance of space exploration, I believe that the two nations that are at the forefront of the field are allocating funds at a senseless rate. It seems to me that the negligent spending of both Canada and the United States is taking away funds from serious issues the two Countries face back on earth.

Growing up in Canada I have gained a good grasp of the adversity our continent faces and at the same time, I realize the magnitude of resources needed to combat issues such as unemployment, education and poverty. The transparency of how much is being spent by Both NASA and the Canadian Space Agency allows for me as an average citizen to see the immense capital needed to fuel the two organizations that are so synonymous with space exploration. The financial numbers that are constantly being exhibited by the two groups are extremely large, but rarely indicate or just what exactly will come out of the funding.  An example of this neglectful spending is that the Canadian government set aside $379 million in the 2016 federal budget just to preserve our countries partnership with the International Space Station.  Canada went ahead with the investment knowing there may not be a great return on the massive deal that was reached. Professionals, alongside elected officials, decided that this was the best use of all that money, while around 4 million Canadians still live with food insecurity. This statistic includes the over 1 million children in Canada who live in a household that struggles to put food on the table. Knowing this how am I supposed to be able to come to terms with the fact that Canada is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to enhance space exploration, at the same time that many of my fellow Canadians are facing detrimental obstacles in their day to day life.

There are similar issues with the much larger scale and more dynamic National Aeronautics and Space Administration South of the border. NASA is a storied part of the American government, with a long history of success. However, that is not so much the case anymore. Not being able to achieve the same level of technological breakthroughs has led me to believe that the inefficiency of the United States space exploration program should result in even more cuts than have previously occurred to this date. NASA’s yearly budget is still close to 20 billion dollars. The portion of the federal budget that NASA receives is about an astonishing 40% of what the U.S. federal government spends on education each year.  The public education system is often criticized for reasons such as overcrowding within American public schools. These numbers are just another illustration of the unconscionable mismanagement of federal funds that are going towards the countries space program rather than to assisting those in need.

Finally, I think it is important to state that I don’t want to discredit any of the programs I spoke upon, because I am well aware of the importance of NASA, the Canadian Space Agency and space exploration as a whole. I just believe that both Canada and the United States should take a step back and re-evaluate how they are funding their own space programs. In order to ensure the government doesn’t make negligent spending decisions that could instead be going towards more egalitarian causes.

Ethan is a grade 11 student at FHCI and is a Social Issues Editor for The Golden Falcon newspaper.

Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyEzsAy4qeU

Women Can Be Abusers Too

By Vanessa Ifepe

A pop star by the name of Melanie Martinez was accused of rape by her former friend Timothy Heller, a former member of the band Dresses. This accusation was said against her on Monday and quickly after, she sent a tweet out to her followers stating the accusations were a lie and Heller agreed to what had taken place. The next day, Heller told Newsweek that she thinks Melanie became aware of the pending accusation a month before which when Timothy sent out a tweet saying she was debating telling her story.Melanie tried to contact her numerous times probably for the purposes of keeping her quiet. Although a truly horrendous story, it brings up a conversation that isn’t had enough. It speaks the hidden truth, women can be abusers too.

With all the recent sexual assault allegations in Hollywood, we only see men being accused for this horrible crime but the reality is, an abuser has no gender. Anyone is able to be a perpetrator just like anyone can be a victim. Heller even explains in the Newsweek article that she didn’t come forward because the fact that Melanie wasn’t a man made her feel like her experience was invalidated. When reading all the abuse stories under the tag #metoo, she couldn’t determine whether her story was classified as abuse. This is the problem with our society. We assign gender to everything and when something does not go the way society views it, we see it as impossible. This should not be the case. Just like many other sexual assault victims, Heller loved Melanie even after it happened and felt that it was her duty to protect her by keeping the incident a secret.

“Girls can rape girls,” Heller wrote in her testimony on twitter, “best friends can rape best friends.” Melanie took advantage of her during her weakest point and tried to make up for it by helping further her career in little ways. She let Melanie abuse her because she loved her, because she felt she owed her and mainly, because she just wanted it to stop. This is the underlying tone of so many other victims stories and it’s sad to admit that, the people who you love can hurt you the most. It doesn’t matter who they are or what gender they identify as, they can hurt you.  In the words of Heller, friendship does not equal consent. Family members do not obtain automatic consent either.  It’s important to understand that anything that violates you or makes you feel uncomfortable in ANY way, is NOT okay.

Melanie had the audacity to contact Heller shortly after saying that she should go meet a healer. If the allegations are true, that’s such q cruel thing to say to someone whose pain you caused! How convenient to be concerned about the friend you cut off ties with after they accuse you of rape.

I am so happy that Timothy was inspired by the recent sexual assault accusations and came out with her own story. It angers me that people would abuse someone’s trust is such a way and then pretend as if the emotional toil that comes after is not their fault. It saddens me that this story may get neglected and skipped over just because the accused is a women. The world shouldn’t be like this. This shouldn’t be assigned to a gender, it just doesn’t make any sense to me why the world operates this way.  I encourage everyone who reads this to follow up on this story, read Timothy’s testimony on twitter and remember that, women can be abusers too.

I know fans of hers may be reluctant to believe these allegations and I get it. Nobody wants to believe someone they look up to would do something so horrible but I encourage you to set aside your bias and focus on the important message behind this allegation.

Image citation:

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The Mandela Effect Will Make You Question Everything

By Amanda Restano

Do you remember the iconic line in Star Wars “Luke, I am your father”? What if someone told you that Darth Vader never says this in the movie? Many people recall that famous quote from “The Empire Strikes Back”. The phrase can be found on t-shirts, phone cases, and anything in between. Except that is not what Darth Vader says. The actual quote is “No, I am your father.” So how come so many people remember it the other way? This can be explained by the theory of false memories, recently dubbed “The Mandela Effect”.

The name “Mandela Effect” comes from paranormal consultant Fiona Broome, who discovered she and many others claim to remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s when he actually died in 2013.

Some believers of the Mandela Effect claim it to be evidence that we are living in an alternate universe. According to them these memories can be a result of someone time travelling and changing history. But these theories lack proof, it is more probable that the “glitches” happening are in your brain, not in the universe.

No example of the Mandela Effect has created more talk than that of the children’s book and TV series The Berenstain Bears. Many claim to remember it being called The Berenstein Bears and were shocked when they found out the actual spelling.

Here’s a list of some other Mandela Effects that have taken over the internet:

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 8.32.25 AMSome people insist that Target has more rings on their logo. The first logo is the correct one.


Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 8.32.59 AM.pngSome claim they remember The Laughing Cow having a nose ring but she never had one.


Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 8.33.55 AM.pngMany remember Pikachu’s tail having a black mark in the end but if you go back and look at him, you’ll see nothing there.


Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 8.40.53 AMSurprisingly, Curious George never had a tail.

Whether this means that we are living an alternate reality or that our brains are simply confusing facts after seeing these things so often misrepresented, it is amazing how many of us share the same false memories.

Amanda is a grade 11 student at FHCI and is a Technology Editor for The Golden Falcon newspaper.


Image Citations:

Hudspeth, Christopher. https://www.buzzfeed.com/christopherhudspeth/crazy-examples-of-the-mandela-effect-that-will-make-you-ques?utm_term=.igDqQQjN1#.sm3DWW3ZJ

Hudspeth, Christopher. https://www.buzzfeed.com/christopherhudspeth/15-new-mandela-effect-examples-that-are-going-to-turn-your?utm_term=.annQbbj94#.lrRNppq8V

Winter Break: Top Places to Go in Toronto

By Jessica Huong

Can you believe that the winter break will start in less than two days? How exciting! But, do you have anywhere to go? The two weeks might feel a bit stale if you have nothing to do. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some ideas for some fun and interesting destinations, all within our city!

1. Escape Rooms

It’s cold outside, so why not have some fun inside? A fun activity doesn’t have to be outdoors! With a group of close friends, you could spend your time doing an intense escape room! There are several types ranging from simple rooms to scary ones, so choose one that matches you best. There are several locations in Toronto that you can go to for this!

2. The Distillery District

This pedestrian-only, 19th century inspired area in Toronto can be a very interesting place to visit, especially with its beautiful architecture, shopping locations, and the popular heart-shaped statue. This district is a great tourist attraction and a very interesting place to visit, whether it’s with family or a significant other. This must be a place that everyone must see at least once in their lives… so why not during the winter break?

3. Yorkdale Shopping Mall

You’re probably thinking that this is an obvious option, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an interesting place to go! Yorkdale mall is one of our city’s most popular malls at the moment, especially after its recent renovations. There are a large variety of shopping options, like affordable clothes from Forever 21 or Chinese meals from the food court’s Manchu Wok. Not to mention, Christmas and holiday sales will be everywhere! You can pick up presents at a good price for your family while doing some browsing with your friends. Doesn’t that sound appealing?

4. The Royal Ontario Museum

Are you interested in art or history? What about both? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we have a suggestion for you – the Royal Ontario Museum! This oddly shaped museum can be a very interesting place to go when it’s freezing outside. Actually, this winter the ROM will be transformed into a lovely winter wonderland and will host special exhibitions. Check it out with friends or family and it’ll be a wintry scene to remember!

5. Home

Most of the first school semester has finished, and you must be exhausted. If you really aren’t in the mood to head out, that’s alright. You can enjoy your time simply cozying up next to the fireplace or binge-watching TV shows late at night. In fact, check out our article on Netflix shows to binge watch. Home, sweet home!

There you have it – the top places to go during the winter break in Toronto! We hope this gave you some ideas of what you want to do for the next two weeks before school returns. Have fun and don’t forget to dress warmly – it’s cold out there!

Jessica is a grade 12 student at FHCI and is a Technology Editor for The Golden Falcon newspaper.


Image Citation:

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Winter Break, Binge Session: Top Netflix Shows to Watch

Bored During the Winter Break? Here are some suggestions for entertaining TV shows to fill your time:


Image result for scandal gif

Scandal is a show a show about ‘lawyer’ gladiator, who goes around and fixes problems for people while deciding whether to pursue a relationship with the president or a secret agent.

-Grey’s Anatomy


A medical show that follows a group of doctors transition from interns to physicians.

-How To Get Away With Murder

Image result for how to get away with murder gif

A professor of law covers for her law student’s murders. The question is will they get away with their many many murders.

-Gilmore Girls

 Related image

A mother and a daughter with the same name drink a lot of coffee.

-The Mindy Project

Image result for the mindy project gif

A gynaecologist fails to balance her personal and professional life.

-Prison Break

Image result for prison break gif

One man breaks his brother and a group of other inmates out of prison. This follows his journey in prison and after their escape. Proceed with caution because everything you learn in this series will be wrong in the new series.


Image result for quantico gif

Follows FBI recruit Alex Parrish who is blamed for a terrorist attack watch her prove her innocence in this exciting show.

-Black Mirror

Image result for black mirror gif

A Sci-Fi show that is creepy and thought-provoking.


Image result for blacklist gif

A wanted man with connections to basically all other criminals turns himself in if he gets to work with one specific agent only. This crime-fighting show follows their interesting relationship.


-Downton Abbey

Image result for downton abbey gif

Follows royals and their transition through the war. The family is made up of a hilarious grandma (seen in the gif), 3 daughters, an American Lady, a British Lord and other surprise add-ons.

-How I Met Your Mother

Related image

An AMAZING SHOW that follows a gang of friends:

TED: the annoying main character.

ROBIN: the Canadian, enough said

LILY: married to Marshal and a great side-kick to Robin

MARSHALL: married to Lily and a great side-kick to Ted

BARNEY: the reason to watch this show (he is the best)

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image result for brooklyn article gif

The 99th Precinct is where we get to see the hilarious Andy Samberg and his funny friends.


Image result for homeland gif

A crazy show about terrorists, spies and love.

-Shark Tank

Image result for shark tank gif

A show to brush up on your math skills while watching new products pitches and laughing hysterically at the Sharks’ comments.

-Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Image result for rupaul drag race gif

“Chante you Stay” Ru Paul. Enough said.


Image result for glow tv gif

A funny show about women who wrestle for TV.

-Full House (the original)

 Image result for full house gif netflix

This is a cute show that follows a rambunctious family, with three daughters, 1 dad, and 2 father figures.


Image result for shameless gif

A group of kids, who have an alcoholic dad need to raise themselves and stay out of trouble.

-Mr D.

Image result for mr d gif

A show that shows us how teachers really think.


Image result for suits gif netflix

A lawfirm hires a fake lawyer, who is smarter than all of the other lawyers. Well he has a photographic memory but he also just bends the law a bit.

-Jane the Virgin

Image result for jane the virgin gif

A writer gets accidentally inseminated with her bosses baby…GASP

-Friends from College

Image result for friends from college gif

The name says it all, the show is about friends from college who are reunited.


Image result for atypical gif

An endearing show about a family with a son with autism.

-Drop Dead Diva

Image result for drop dead diva gif

A supermodel is killed by a truck of cantaloupes and is reincarnated in the body of a lawyer. That should be enough to get you hooked.

-The Fosters

Image result for the foster gif

It’s about a diverse family that has 2 fostered kids, 2 adopted twins, 1 biological kid and two lesbian moms.

-The Good Wife

Image result for the good wife gif netflix

A show about lawyers, who fight for their clients. It’s dramatic and addicting, at least for the first few seasons.


Image result for nashville gif

Takes place in Nashville and it follows a bunch of country singers and their families.

-That 70s Show

Image result for that 70 show gif

A comedy about a group of friends in the 70s.

-Lie to Me

Image result for lie to me gif

A show about a man who can basically tell someone’s thoughts based on the movement of their eyebrows and lips.

-Switched at Birth

Image result for switched at birth gif

Two girls are born on the same day and then accidentally given to the wrong families. They grow up and then realized they were switched…du du duuu.

-The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Related image

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-air

In west Philadelphia born and raised
On the playground where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school
When a couple of guys, they were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
And said “You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-air”

-One Day at a Time

Image result for one day at a time gif

A sitcom about a modern family that deals with immigration and LGBTQ issues.

-American Vandal

Image result for american vandal gif netflix

A mockumentary about whether a high school student committed an act of vandalism at his school.

-Life in Pieces

Image result for life in pieces gif

A story following an extended family with different sections of the show following different parts of the family.

-This is Us

Image result for this is us gif breath


-Me Selfridge

Image result for mr selfridge gif

A true-ish story about a man who opens a department store.

-Angry Bird

Image result for angry bird tv gif breath


Image Source: http://www.techradar.com/news/television/best-netflix-series-25-great-netflix-tv-shows-1288230

Semi-Formal Tickets Go On Sale This Week

By Matt Lindzon

Forest Hill’s Student Council has been working for months in preparation for FHCI’s first ever Semi-Formal. The event, taking place at the beautiful 2nd Floor Events, is $35 and will be sold in the cafeteria every day this week at lunch. There are only a limited number of tickets, so don’t miss out!

If you are interested in going, make sure you bring your signed safety agreement that was emailed to your parents.

The 10 Types of Students in Every Class

By Esther Eisen and Danielle Westreich

Every class has its own vibe and feels different. But for the most part, there are always these 10 types of students in each one.

1.     The Sassy One. There’s always that one student who isn’t afraid to speak their mind. They will go to an all-out war to ensure that their opinion is heard. Sometimes they are tolerated, even funny, but the teacher doesn’t always appreciate their style.

2.     The Funny One. There’s always that one student who can echo SNL. They always help lift the mood even in a stressful moment.

3.     The Nosy One. There’s always that one student who runs faster than Usian Bolt to compare marks on any and all assessments.

4.    The Absent One. There’s always that one student who you swore could’ve dropped the class the first day but then you walk into the exam and you’re flabbergasted by their presence.

5.    The Familiar One. The one who you’ve had classes with before and know them well enough to occasionally have a conversation with but not well enough to consider them your friend.

6.    The Top Student. The one who is upset with their 95% and is majorly stressing while you’re thankful that you passed.

7.    The One Who Doesn’t Try. This student can go one of two ways. Option A: They put in the bare minimum amount of effort, insist that they failed, but somehow get perfect on everything. Option B: They put in the same amount of effort as Option A but have hit rock bottom as far as grades go.

8.    The Overly Stressed One. The one that breaks down just about every class and is always stressed about something. This is a side of all of us that seems to flare up during exams.

9.    The One Who Doesn’t Understand Personal Space. Their hair is always draped over your desk, they lean in so close that you can see their pores and they need to be introduced to the magical idea of a personal space bubble.

10. The Flawless One. There’s always one student who puts in a lot of effort in their appearance. Their makeup is perfect. Their hair is perfect. Their outfit is perfect. They pretty much never wear sweatpants. They provide a nice juxtaposition to those of us who just roll out of bed.

Esther and Danielle are grade 12 students at FHCI and are both part of the editorial team of The Golden Falcon newspaper.

Image Citation:

Mia, Richard. . https://www.theispot.com/. Accessed 12 Dec. 2017.

The Beginning​ of Real-Life Cyborgs


RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Many of us have never heard of RFID though most people this technology daily. It can be found inside library books, keys of vehicles, passports and, even in credit cards. RFID chips can store and relay information, enabling it to identify commercial products. Recently, due to interest from the masses, this technology was adapted into distinct areas of the market. Several individuals, for example, see the benefits of tagging their household pets so they can be tracked.

In 2004, the Food and Drug Administration approved human “tagging” to help retrieve medical records, but not many people signed up. The line between technology and reality blurred a little more when companies like Three Square Market allowed their employees to choose if they want a chip injected between their index finger and thumb. The chip, using RFID technology, enables the employees to enter the office building, use copy machines, share business cards and pay for food all with the swipe of a hand. Fifty employees in River Falls, Wisconsin have already agreed to have the chip implanted.

“We see this as another payment and identification option that not only can be used in our markets but our other self-checkout/self-service applications,” said Three Square Market COO Patrick McMullan.

It is clear that the RFID chips do not keep data regarding where you are or were, but the employee’s smartphone can – any iPhone could quickly provide data to nosey supervisors. Right now, this program is only voluntary though there is nothing stopping companies like Three Square Market from urging employees into getting these chips.


Some people take this technology a step forward. Artist Neil Harbisson was born with achromatopsia, which means he can only see black and white. Harbisson has implemented a specialized electronic eye which executes colours as sounds on a musical scale. Essentially, he is able to “hear” colour through his device. “When I started to dream in colour, I felt [that] the software and my brain had united,” said Harbisson. He was excited about the technology and so, decided to establish the Cyborg Foundation, an organization whose aim is to assist humans in becoming cyborgs.

The most important thing to do is to set standards on the RFID chips. These should outline specific ownership and control over all implants, including educating the public with widespread literacy on how the chips work and what they are programmed to do.

To read more stories on technology, innovation and science, check out the science and technology section.

How to Eat Healthier at School

By Sydney Shapiro

     Eating healthy at school seems to be a problem with teenagers. There are so many fast food places that are just steps away from the school. Lets not forget the cookies and cinnamon buns in the cafeteria. But, there is a way to eat healthier even with all these unhealthy temptations!

Try planning out your week’s lunches on your phone or calendar:

For example,

Monday – Sandwich, fruit, and a juice box

Tuesday – Pasta, cucumbers, and water

Wednesday – Hamburger, carrots, and a juice box

Thursday – Hummus and veggies, water, and turkey sandwich

Friday – Greek salad, fruit, and water

Some steps to follow while enjoying your lunch at Forest Hill:

  1. Dont be tempted by the smell of the cafeteria cookies.
  2. Try the fruit bowls and salads in the cafeteria fridge (yes, they do sell fruit!).
  3. Stay at school with your home-packed lunch instead of eating out on Eglinton.

Eating healthy at school can be very simple and easy!


Humans of FHCI – Ethan Shama

By Georgia Blatt and Jaimie Kerzner

What is your favourite TV show?
“How I Met Your Mother.”
Are you planning on going to the Halloween dance? 
“No, because not many people are going in my circle.”
Favourite teacher and why?
“Naylor, because his classes are fun.”
Favourite food?
Secret talent or something people don’t know about you?
“I’m part Egyptian.”

Humans of FHCI – Laureta Mrizi and Maya Saltzman 

By Georgia Blatt and Jaimie Kerzner

If you could change one thing about forest hill what would it be?
M: “Heating at this time”
L: “heating”
What’s the biggest change from middle school to high school
M: “Semesters”
L: “Moving classes between each period”
Is high school like you thought it would be and why?
M: “Yes I knew it would be hard to keep track of all my work”
L: “No I thought there would be a lot more work”
Who’s our favourite teacher so far and why?
M: “Ms. Carniol because she’s really funny and is always making us less stressed”
L: “Ms Campbell because she explains clearly what I have to do and keeps me on track”
Are you involved in any clubs this year?
M: “Cookies 4 a cure”
L: “Cookies 4 a cure and I am a dancer for DFS”

Humans of FHCI – Tanique Hall

By Khadija Yassin

Why’d you choose Forest Hill?

“I chose Forest Hill because my brother went here at the time and told me it was a good school.”

What’s the one thing you’ll miss about Forest Hill?

“I’m going to miss my friends! Oh and Mr. Basheer.”

What’s been your favourite year in high school and why? [restrict]

“Either grade 10 or 11 because I made the friends I have now during those years.”

Who’s your favourite teacher?

“Mr. Basheer because he’s funny, really smart, and always comes through with advice and quotes.”

What’s some advice you’d give to a grade 9 student at Forest Hill?

“Make friends and join clubs, it makes the transition easier and universities love it.”

What’re you planning to do after high?

“I have no idea.”[/restrict]


Ms Burnip – Teachers of FHCI: Before We Knew Them

By Kana Ogawa and Sapna Humar

When we look at teachers of FHCI, it is hard to picture them doing anything other than being in the classroom, and teaching us school related things.  However, as surprising as it may sound, some teachers have had previous occupations, before they became what we know them as today. Here are some of our great teachers, and their jobs before FHCI.

Did you have any occupations before you became a teacher?

“Yes! I always wanted to go into teaching… actually that’s not true. I wanted to be a doctor for a while. And then in Grade 10 I thought, I’m going to teach, because I definitely love school. But before that, I had to do a lot of different jobs. I didn’t have a wealthy family or a wealthy background so I had to earn money for university and/or do well in school to get a scholarship. What I did do, as my first job was working at a gas station, where I pumped gas and cleaned windshields. And after that, I worked for a funeral home, where I was a receptionist. It was a pretty interesting job. I also worked at a golf club! I was a course marshal, and ticket taker. I worked at Taco Bell, my worst job ever … I couldn’t stand it! I was placed on the drive through, and it was actually the hardest job I ever did.  I also was a teacher’s assistant for Costume Design and Shop at the University of Guelf when I was in my undergrad.

After these jobs, what motivated you to become a teacher?

“I did a stint called Second Job Employment. Youth who were not doing well in school would come to this workshop. That was in my fourth year university before I went to teacher’s college. I learned how to work with people, as well as kids who don’t like school and aren’t doing as well in school, so that was a great transition job. Taco Bell didn’t teach me anything, other than that you have to work hard, and that some people are unthankful. And lots of times when you’re teaching, it’s a thankful task, but it can be a thankless task too. Doing things, you won’t normally do and putting yourself out there are all the reasons why I do all these jobs. I need make money, I want to experience stuff, and I like to live life in the moment, so I said OK, why not?

Do you like teaching?

I love it, especially working here at this school. Before I came to FHCI, I’ve spent 19 years at another school, and before that I was even more bored. Being in someplace for 19 years, it is very difficult to say, I’m going to switch schools! But I am happy I was able to, and I was so lucky to have landed at FHCI. It really rejuvenated my energy and made me so happy, to just have a whole new change in scenery and a new student body to work with. It’s been so amazing, and so, of course I love being a teacher.”

Mr Oosterhoff – Teachers of FHCI: Before We Knew Them

By Kana Ogawa and Sapna Humar

When we look at teachers of FHCI, it is hard to picture them doing anything other than being in the classroom, and teaching us school related things.  However, as surprising as it may sound, some teachers have had previous occupations, before they became what we know them as today. Here are some of our great teachers, and their jobs before FHCI.

Did you do any work before becoming a teacher?

“I worked in Japan for a little. I also had a lot of part time jobs. I worked at a convenience store, where I sold everything from candy to magazines to cigarettes… it was terrible. Before that, I worked at a library.”

In Toronto?

“No, in London Ontario, where I grew up. I liked it there when I was young, but not once I became old enough to realize that it had a very small-town super white mentality for a city that really shouldn’t have had.”

Did you work at any other schools before FHCI?

“No.  I got hired here 13 years ago… a long time. I taught ESL, I taught English, I taught S.A.P, a little bit of History, and Civics and Careers. It’s my first year as a guidance counsellor, hopefully not the last. I definitely love it. It’s a very different set of challenges.”