Secretary and Social Media Candidate: Argyle Tad-y

Interview conducted by Matthew Lindzon, Esther Eisen & Josh Blatt

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Favourite Subject/Course: SAP, Law or History

Favourite TV show: Black Mirror!

Activities: Prefects, Student Voice, Noteworthy Play :), Save the Animals, GSA

Best quality or skill: glass half full gal


She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s Miss United States. That’s actually a lie… because she was born in the Philippines. Anyways, she somehow ended up in FHCI. She’s that five foot and a half inch girl who laughs really loud in the hallways. Always laughing to the point that it’s probably annoying. But it evens out because she tries to be that girl that you can come to for anything.


  1. Inclusion
  2. Freedom of speech
  3. Respect


Forest Hill C.I. is a very diverse group of students, with over 900 individuals. How will you ensure that you are representing all of these various opinions and voices?

While I do have my group of friends, I still try to be outgoing and talk to kids I don’t necessarily hang out with. I think that definitely helps me see the different points of views. I think limiting yourself to only ever conversing with the same people narrows your mindset and I try to avoid that.

In one sentence, what do you think is the number one thing and/or most prevalent issue that students at Forest Hill CI want changed, fixed or introduced?

I know this is corny but I think a lot of kids don’t feel like they belong and I hope we can do something to better that.

What makes you different than all of the other candidates?

I think one thing that makes me different is that I’ve experienced enough or been around enough vastly different people that I really do try to see both sides of the story. I think I’ve grown past the whole impulsive thing and labeling people automatically just because we don’t agree on something. I’ve realized that never helps and it’s better to have constructive conversation to find compromise; which I think will help me in working with other student council members as well as hearing out students and their input.


The following questions and responses took place during live in-person interviews featuring Golden Falcon editorial staff. The responses are practically identical to the candidate’s responses.

What is your definition of leadership? What is your overarching purpose as a leader?

“As a leader I hope that when I go to student council meetings I represent everybody in the school. It’s easy to think about what you and your friends would want, but people in other grades and friend groups deserve to have their voices heard. Leaders are people who listen to what other people want and make decisions based on what the majority.”

What initiatives would you undertake to make the student council information more accessible?

“A lot of people were not really into the pep rally this year and this school has a reputation of being really academic based. I think that if it was more promoted in home rooms and teachers were more into school spirit, students would be more into it. When grade 9s come into the school, it should be enforced that this is a school community and even a family. Updating social media platforms more frequently is also a great way to get people more involved in the school. This year, it was wasn’t really updated passed October. Also, I think that the social media platforms should be more entertaining and interactive with polls and videos.”

In one year from today, what do you hope you have achieved? Be specific.

“One thing that I really noticed was that a lot of the kids don’t feel welcome, especially grade 9s and kids that came from other countries. I hope that, especially in my year, a lot of the kids feel closer and that the school is a safer place. It shouldn’t just be a place where you get in and get out. It’s a place where there’s a community and there are people that care about you. I want to make the school more comforting and fun essentially.”

Why did you rate inclusion as your number one value?

“A lot of kids don’t really feel that they’re included. They sit by themselves in the hallways, don’t get invited to parties. I’m not here to force people to be friends, but I just wish that people would talk to each other more. Especially with grade 9s, when they come in I want them to be comfortable. I hope that kids don’t come in seeing high school as a scary place.”

Why did you rate freedom of speech as your second most important value?

“Something I’ve learned in the past years is that you’re not always going to agree with everybody and that is something that happens a lot when in a leadership position. People will disagree on some things, but the important thing is that people don’t fight with one another over disagreements. It is more helpful to have a conversation on why you don’t agree to reach a compromise instead. At the end of the day, people may never agree on something, but it is important for people to understand each other.”

Why did you rate respect as your second most important value?

“Over the years, I realized that a lot of kids don’t know how to be civil and respect each other. I think it is important to respect each other’s’ boundaries with jokes, physical contact, and others. Being respectful of one another is really important to having a safe school environment.”


Why should students vote for you over all of the other candidates?

“I really want to make sure I listen to everybody. Something that is different about me is that I am super positive all the time, which I think for most people would probably get a bit annoying but for me it means that I don’t give up very easily because I feel that there is some way to turn it around. I am also really opinionated, and if I don’t agree with something I won’t shut up about it. Some people may stay quiet, but that is not me.”

You have the chance to say anything to the student body. What is it?

“I’d like to say I’m not here just to represent my group of friends, I want to hear what everybody wants from this school. Especially the younger grades who may feel that they are not really listened to, that they are at the bottom of the food chain. I really want to make this school a more fun, inclusive place where everybody is respected.”


Improvement of Events and Activities

The candidate stated their opinion on each of the following activities, events and initiatives performed by the previous Student Councils in the last few years. They rated each initiative from 1-5 | 5 means the activity was perfect, and they would not like to change anything about it. 1 means the activity needs to be changed, it is a high priority for them and they are highly motivated to change it.

Event Rating
Semi-Formal Dance 4
Halloween Dance No preference
Hillstock 4
Pep Rallies 2
Number of Dances 2
School Spirit 1
Spirit Week 2
United Way Week 2


Editor’s note: Transcriptions of interviews were almost identical to candidate’s live responses. Filler words, such as “like” or “uh”, were removed for clarity.

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