Social Rep. Candidate: Alex Yuan

Interview conducted by Matthew Lindzon, Esther Eisen & Josh Blatt

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Favourite Subject/Course: Science

Favourite movie, book or TV show: Life of Pi, The Giver

Activities: Robotics Team

Best quality or skill: Time Managment


He is a active boy :). He likes to make friends. He wants to develop his leadership and organization skills and so he decides to join student council and he would love to help school out at the same time. Since he is new to school and has absolutely no idea how student council are like and has no pass experience, he would like to try it out for grade 10.( He got that passionate)


  1. Inclusion
  2. A fun environment
  3. Respect


Forest Hill C.I. is a very diverse group of students, with over 900 individuals. How will you ensure that you are representing all of these various opinions and voices?

I will listen to the people around the school and try to talk to them, see what they want, what they don’t like and what they love about FHCI. I will do my best on organizing the school and communicating with students.

In one sentence, what do you think is the number one thing and/or most prevalent issue that students at Forest Hill CI want changed, fixed or introduced?

The leaning environment because i am a ESL student and most of my class were very noisy and causes decreased speed of teaching.

What makes you different than all of the other candidates?

I had some ideas and i have the feeling of doing something as my position. And i thing i am different from anyone else because I am carious about how student council and would like to find out myself.

If you were to be elected tomorrow, what is the first thing you would change?

If possible, I want to make people feel entertaining about leaning. I want students including me enjoy every single course and do good on those course.

Is there anything else you think students should know about your campaign?

I wasn’t taking it very seriously but I do care about it.


The following questions and responses took place during live in-person interviews featuring Golden Falcon editorial staff. The responses are practically identical to the candidate’s responses.

What is your definition of leadership? What is your overarching purpose as a leader?

“[My definition of a leader] is someone who leads, has control, knows exactly what to do to make [others] [reach] their goals, and has a good relationship with the whole [student council]. [I want to be a leader] to develop my skills, make events better, [as well as] school spirit and class environments.”

What, if anything, are you going to do to improve school spirit?

“I have ideas about making twelfth graders and the people in the lower grades come together. We can make events where students [in the higher grades] will help students [in the lower grades]. We can [also] make leadership events [happen] more often, to promote teamwork.”

What was your favourite event this year, and why?

“My favourite event is the leadership event that I had gone to when I first came to the school – grade nine leadership day. I feel like it’s very fun, and you learn stuff. It’s totally different from any other [events].”

What was your least favourite event this year, and why?

“My least favourite is the pep rally. When you have people in there that you know [taking part in the activities] you get hyped, but most of the time [students] are just sitting there and [watching]. I think we should do group [activities] – something that involves everybody, so that nobody feels left out. We can separate groups by grade, and [have] each grade’s representatives do competitions.”

In one year from today, what do you hope you have achieved? Be specific.

“I hope I will have achieved a good leadership skill, a good relation skill, and [that] I will know exactly how the school works.”

You said that you value school spirit the most, why is that? In addition, how will you implement these values next year?

“I chose school spirit because I feel like people in this school don’t really help each other a lot [if they do not know each other]. I think the way that we can make it better is that we can do some events that include lower grade people [working] with higher grade people, and we should do more school events that involve everybody so [nobody] feels left out in the events. [An experience I had was] one time in language class, [when] we were doing some kind of a play. Everybody had a differing opinion, and we kind of [wanted] a leader to [help] make decisions. So, we were choosing a leader, and I volunteered myself because I just wanted to get it done. I listened to everybody’s opinions, added in my opinion, and then we made our opinions better, and eventually it became one.”

You ranked a fun environment very low on your chart, how would you make this event better?

“Some of the classes are boring, like the students are just remembering stuff, not really knowing what they are learning. So, if they [actually do] feel interested in the course, they may truly know what [they are learning] and understand its meaning, and maybe want to know more about it.”

Why should students vote for you over all the other candidates?

“I think I have the skill to make the events [good]. Well, I don’t [think I am the best candidate], but I just have the feeling [that] I can do it, and I want to do it.”

It’s September. You have to decide on which events are going to take place. Next year, there are two dances taking place. You can either have the two dances in the same semester (two months apart) or in different semesters (six months apart). How would you decide? Walk us through your thought process.

“I think I would spread them out. Two dances [in the same semester] can work, but it would leave the rest of the school year with with no dances. So, I feel like spreading them out would be better, or making more dance events.”

You have the chance to say anything to the student body. What is it?

“‘Walk together. [Have] teamwork’. In my classes, some students were not being very respectful to teachers, so I [want to tell them] to respect the teachers.”


Improvement of Events and Activities

The candidate stated their opinion on each of the following activities, events and initiatives performed by the previous Student Councils in the last few years. They rated each initiative from 1-5 | 5 means the activity was perfect, and they would not like to change anything about it. 1 means the activity needs to be changed, it is a high priority for them and they are highly motivated to change it.

Event Rating
Semi-Formal Dance No preference
Halloween Dance 4
Hillstock 4
Pep Rallies 4
Number of Dances 3
School Spirit 4
Spirit Week 4
United Way Week No preference


Editor’s note: Transcriptions of interviews were almost identical to candidate’s live responses. Filler words, such as “like” or “uh”, were removed for clarity.

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