Treasurer Candidate: Mateusz Kaminski

Interview conducted by Matthew Lindzon, Esther Eisen & Josh Blatt



Favourite Subject/Course: Drama

Best quality or skill: Leadership

Activities: Drama productions and Rugby help


Mateusz is pronounced: M-UH-T-OOS Or Matt for short. Matt Kaminski believes that he is the best possible representation of the student body. He loves being involved in the school as much as possible, and wants to make sure that everybody has a memorable year. He also wants to make sure all parts of the school are able to come together and that we are as unified as possible. Matt Kaminski also represents all areas of high school life: academics, sports and fine arts. He believes this is important because every type of high schooler should be represented by their student council members.


  1. School Community
  2. A fun environment
  3. School spirit


Forest Hill C.I. is a very diverse group of students, with over 900 individuals. How will you ensure that you are representing all of these various opinions and voices?

I, Matt Kaminski will represent all students and aim to get their voices heard. Basically, I’m a physical presence at school, and if students have issues that they want to raise, they can bring them to me at any time. The school can only be at its best when the voices of all students are heard.

In one sentence, what do you think is the number one thing and/or most prevalent issue that students at Forest Hill CI want changed, fixed or introduced?

I think that the biggest issue right now at Forest Hill is the lack of school spirit.

What makes you different than all of the other candidates?

I believe I am different from the other candidates because, I represent all aspects of high school life. I represent academics with my good grades, athletics because I help year-round, and the arts as I’m involved in productions and the subject. The other competitors, as great as they are, don’t represent nearly everyone in Forest Hill. Even though I might not know everyone at the school, I want to reach out so that everyone feels they are equally represented in the decisions that Student Council makes.


The following questions and responses took place during live in-person interviews featuring Golden Falcon editorial staff. The responses are practically identical to the candidate’s responses.

What is your definition of leadership?

My definition of leadership is someone that can lead and control a group of people in the way they would want to see themselves achieve things, complete things, and get stuff done. A person that would be able to talk articulately to the people, to get what they want, and to get what they want done. And also have their own ideas of how to get stuff done without relying on other people.

What if anything would you do it improve school spirit?

At this school, I’ve been walking the halls, looking around, and for three years I have seen not much school spirit. We don’t see much cheering for the teams that we have, we don’t see much happiness in hillstock or hype in spirit week. So my vision/idea for raising our school spirit is to elaborate on our current hillstock features and events, possible more fun games, more fun dances at the school, better fundraisers that would hype people up, and more exciting things to come for spirit week.

There are variety of different positions that you could’ve applied for on student council, why did you pick treasurer?

I choose treasurer because I am excellent at keeping things organized, I can make sure that school things can run smoothly as seen in my drama production where I helped out, I am a good leader- I can make things happen. I would also try my best to make this school be responsible, fun and happy for everyone and I thought that being a treasurer would fit the role perfectly.

In one year from today, what do you hope have achieved? Be specific.

In one year after if I was elected I would like to achieve the possibility of making this school’s spirit improve, giving our student body a great spirit week, by making our school have lots of pride in our school, and our school teams, and have pride in their school in general, everything. School productions in the auditoriums. I like to also bring in prosperous fundraisers, fun dances, make semi more popular exciting, appealing to the student body because as we seen, semi was a failure.

You rated the number one thing you value the most as school community, expand one that.

I like to improve the school community, as in I like to bring all of us together, bring us all closer. Elaborating on that I would like to do that by bringing back the holocaust assembly. Just using that as an example, instead of having an assembly we had an announcement. We were all broken up- we were all in classes and there was not much community where we looked at one another, not talking about anything and just staring at the floor. But in an assembly, the whole school community is there, the whole student body that is all experiencing the same thing as you are. Looking around at the people, you are facing the same thing as they are, and it really brings you together. And that is why I want to bring the student body closer together.

You rated fun environment as number two. Expand on that.

Making the school environment a fun one. I would like to do that by increasing the appeal of semi, increasing the appeal of hillstock, the appeal of the Halloween dance, and school events such as spirit week. I like to make those more fun so that we can all enjoy them together. I went to hillstock last year and it was empty. People came, but a bunch of them left.

What is one thing you would like to change as treasurer in terms of finance and cost?

As treasurer, I would like to cut costs where they are not needed. If we are overspending on certain departments we don’t need, we can direct the funding somewhere else to make the school environment closer together and make the school community more fun and exciting.


Improvement of Events and Activities

The candidate stated their opinion on each of the following activities, events and initiatives performed by the previous Student Councils in the last few years. They rated each initiative from 1-5 | 5 means the activity was perfect, and they would not like to change anything about it. 1 means the activity needs to be changed, it is a high priority for them and they are highly motivated to change it.

Event Rating
Semi-Formal Dance 3
Halloween Dance 3
Hillstock 2
Pep Rallies 2
Number of Dances No preference
School Spirit 2
Spirit Week 2
United Way Week 4


Editor’s note: Transcriptions of interviews were almost identical to candidate’s live responses. Filler words, such as “like” or “uh”, were removed for clarity.

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