Grades: Earned or Bought?

By: Chris G. and Owen M. Grade 12 is one of the most stressful school years, as students work on gaining their credentials for post-secondary programs. Many prestigious programs require averages upwards of 90%. Achieving such grades requires a lot of effort, right? Well, not for everyone.  Most students toil many hours with their heads in their books to achieve these high grades. However, not … Continue reading Grades: Earned or Bought?

Humans of Toronto #HardWorkingMan

By Hasti K For as long as I can remember I have been working to provide for the people I love. It started when I was as young as three years old, I’d sell cigarettes to the workers on my family’s farm. That was until I was old enough to pick tea leaves. I remember looking through my sisters’ books and try and teach myself … Continue reading Humans of Toronto #HardWorkingMan

Humans of Toronto #ImmigrantExperience

By Ana O It was 2011, when my husband moved from Greece to Canada. He came alone, me and our daughters stayed back because we did not have a visa yet. We were seeing that employment was decreasing in Greece, so we decided to find a better place for our daughters to have a better future. My husband had a cousin in Canada and helped … Continue reading Humans of Toronto #ImmigrantExperience

Chamber Night

By: Tatiana C. On October 16th, the day of the Chamber Night began as the last few parents trickled into the auditorium, taking their seats. As Mrs. Simas stepped onto the stage to open the show with a little speech, the crowd burst into applause. You can feel pride and joy in the air as the long-awaited night has finally arrived. For the students, however, … Continue reading Chamber Night

Humans of Toronto #FamilyLove

By Lydia M My name is Bruce and I have a Chinese culture name called Zongmao. In 2016, around August, my family moved to Toronto, which was nearly three years ago. When I entered to Forest Hill, the first thing I decided to do was to start a club called “Go Club”. Go is a Chinese traditional board game. In Chinese, it is called “Wei … Continue reading Humans of Toronto #FamilyLove

Whats Happening with Climate Change?

Author: Ellaha S. Since 1948, average temperatures in Canada have been increasing by 1.7 degrees celsius. There will be more rain, and sea levels will rise. Warm water will become increasingly noticeable over the next century.  According to Natural Resources Canada, more than 95 percent of the sea ice will be gone by 2100. Areas of permafrost (frozen ground) are thawing, which causes ice roads … Continue reading Whats Happening with Climate Change?

Volunteering Opportunities for November

By: Francesca C, Daria D, Sonika H, Ellaha S Holland-Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital Volunteer at Holland-Bloorview! Holland-Bloorview is Canada’s largest pediatric rehabilitation hospital, and is now looking for volunteers for the school year programs (Sep – June). Volunteers will get the chance to assist children with disabilities in learning, sports, and other activities. Volunteers must be: Over 16 yrs of age Have one day per week … Continue reading Volunteering Opportunities for November

No Cuts to Education

By: Sapna Humar and Abi Parameswaran In March 2019, Doug Ford’s Ontario government announced some major changes they would be implementing in the current education system. These proposals were immediately met with backlash, and for a good reason, as they will unquestionably have negative effects on students and teachers alike. If you aren’t aware of the current government plans for the education system, here’s a … Continue reading No Cuts to Education

Why Your Earphones May Be Killing You

By Josh Blatt Music plays a massive role in modern day society. Almost anywhere at Forest Hill, students can be seen with Apple earphones in their ears. With the introduction of portable music players and apps such as Spotify, it is easier than ever before to listen to music on the go. However, there are a variety of dangers regarding the use of these devices … Continue reading Why Your Earphones May Be Killing You

Salvator Mundi: The Last Da Vinci?

By Marian Pascual Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi is without a doubt, one of the greatest artistic rediscoveries of the 21st century.  It is one of the few 20 surviving Da Vinci paintings which made it a huge worldwide media sensation.  But what made the Salvator Mundi worth $400 million dollars? On November 15 of last year, the painting was offered in a special lot … Continue reading Salvator Mundi: The Last Da Vinci?

Racism in the Environment?

By Abi Parameswaran Global warming, temperature modification and pollution; these are only some of the thousands of different issues across the world, some of which are addressed, and others hidden in plain vision. These problems remain prevalent in our society even though many hate admitting it. Most are unaware of environmental racism and continue to say it is a made-up distraction to take the focus off … Continue reading Racism in the Environment?