What Position on Student Council Should You Be?

What kind of person are you in the friend group?

What would you change in the school?

What is your favourite school club?

What school activity is your favourite?

Who's your favourite teacher?

What is your most prominent personality trait?

How do you do around people?

What Position on Student Council Should You Be?
You Got President!
You should run for president because you are determined, and know what you need to do to ensure FHCI becomes the best it can be. You are confident and great with people, which makes you approachable for students to tell you what change they wish to see. You are a leader, that would guide the school in the right direction.
You Got Vice President
You are a caring person, who wants to do the best they can for the students at FHCI. Just because you don’t like being the centre of attention does not mean you shouldn’t try to better the school! Be the person who everyone knows truly cares about each students well-being.
You Got Social Rep!
This position is the one for you if you enjoy organizing events and making sure everyone is having a good time. You want people to enjoy coming to school, and want there to be a rise in school spirit. Lead the charge in making school spirit a necessity, and use those organization skills of yours to plan the best events the students will love and remember.
You Got Grade Rep!
You love talking to people, and wish everyone could be happy in the school’s environment. This position is for you, as with your listening skills, you can hear out those in your grade on their issues, and use your power on student council to adhere to their wishes. You have a caring personality, and want the best for everyone. Become a member of student council to help out your fellow classmates, and use your powers for good.
You Got Sports Rep!
You are a sports nut, and love everything to do with watching to playing sports. You wish FHCI would be more sports-oriented, and will do everything you can to open the world of sports up to more of the student body. With your determination and passion for what you love, you can ensure that the student athletics get the recognition they deserve, and that the school can come together to cheer for their teams.
You Got Social Media Rep!
While you don’t do so well talking to people in person, behind a screen is where you feel in your element. You are very tech-savvy, and are great at multi-tasking whether it be on a laptop or a phone. With your skills, you can promote school events, and talk to fellow classmates through social media to hear their wishes for the school. You are bright and smart, and can use your quick-thinking to promote FHCI in the best light possible.

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