Letter from the Editors (Fall 2015)

Dear Students and Staff of Forest Hill Collegiate Institute,

We are thrilled to share the release of the 2015 Fall Edition of Forest Hill’s online newspaper with you! We would like to thank our hardworking and talented contributors for all of the content that you will see in this edition. The Head Editors, in cooperation with the contributors, have been working tirelessly since the beginning of the school year to bring you articles that are relatable and interesting.

All articles reflect Forest Hill’s student life and popular culture of 2015.

We know that school is in full swing and everyone feels tired, so here is a quick video about a day in the life of a student at Forest Hill:

This edition contains a wide range of topics, including politics, music, advice, editorials, and much more. We are thrilled to announce that our most popular piece from last year, Humans of FHCI, will be featured again in this year’s newspaper!

To expand our reach, we now have a Facebook page, and an Instagram account, @humansoffhci, to share articles and make them more accessible to you.

We are aiming for the Golden Falcon to be an outlet for students to speak their minds and express their opinions in a fun and creative way. We are always looking for more contributors, so please do not hesitate to contact a Head Editor or attend one of our meetings if you are interested. We look forward to an amazing year!

-The Head Editors of the Golden Falcon

Thank you Falcons!

Hey Forest Hill!

It’s Student Council here to update you on all of the amzaing work we’ve done so far. Can you believe it’s already November?! Not only have we raised more school spirit, but we have also raised approximately $300 MORE than last year in both our Terry Fox and United Way Week fundraisers! Together, we have helped changed the lives of people in need. We want to thank you Falcons so much for your amazing support througout the first three months of school.

As well, we are excited to announce our new event, which will take place the week of November 30th.

The hoilday season is fast approaching and we are proud to host an FHCI Toy Drive!

The snow is falling and the hearts are warming as the holiday season rolls in. From November 30th to December 4th, we will be collecting NEW AND UNWRAPPED TOYS to be donated to the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish. Any new and unwrapped toys are to be donated in the festive boxes in the main office all week. CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish will distribute the toys to children of families in need across the Greater Toronto Area so that every child has an opportunity to receive a gift this Christmas. Let’s all show some FHCI school and holiday spirit by supporting this meaningful cause!
-Toys for infants 0-12 months
-Art and Craft Supplies (such as crayons, markers, paint)
-Basketballs, soccer balls, mini hockey sticks and other sports equipment
-Toy cars
-Books, colouring books
-Hygiene packs


Starting November 30th, donation boxes will be in the foyer.


Student Council




Crouch, Bind, Set!

Highlights of the FHCI Girls Rugby 7’s Tournament

By: Zoebelle Flores

October 15, 2015 

Scrum Half – Rylee Cohen, Veteran


Hazel Acosta, team captain, makes an aggressive tackle.


Jersey and hair pulling are both legal and effective actions which hinder the opponent. Rule of thumb: always have the hair braided and the shorts tightly tied.


“My life flashed before my eyes.” – Tia Miosic, First Year


First Year players, Charlotte Domingos and Kana Ogawa
Wing – Lorena Baston, Veteran




Movie and TV Reviews

By: Gio Dela Cruz

Featured Movie: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


This thrilling, fast-paced, and action-packed sequel to the Maze Runner brings new surprises every minute. The Maze was impossible, but now Thomas and his fellow Gladers find themselves in an almost too welcoming facility that claims to oppose the organization, WICKED (World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department). In this facility, the Gladers learn that they were not the only ones put in a maze by WICKED and join other survivors to share their experiences. Every night at dinner, Thomas and his friends observe that survivors are suspiciously taken away by men in the facility for an unknown reason. However, with a bit of investigating, the group learns that the men are actually working alongside WICKED and are conducting dangerous experiments on the children they take away. Upon learning this, the small group of Gladers along with a few other friends escape the building, only to find themselves stuck in a barren land known as “The Scorch”. However, not all hope is lost! The group hears rumours of a resistance called “The Right Arm”, who hopes to stop WICKED and is located across the Scorch. Follow Thomas and the others as they bravely attempt to cross the Scorch, encountering tough obstacles such as zombie-like creatures, lightning storms, and drunk goths to reach safety and fight back WICKED.

Featured TV Show: Bojack Horseman


This hilarious Netflix original series that premiered in 2014 focuses on the life of a humanoid horse named “BoJack Horseman”. BoJack (voiced by Will Arnett) was once the star of the hit TV Show “Horsin’ Around” until it was mysteriously cancelled. Now he lives a depressed life in a once beautiful mansion, drinking booze regularly and vomiting cotton candy. With persistent media attacks, his reputation begins to rot. As a result, a fellow TV star “Mr. Peanut Butter” starts to steal the spotlight. Mr. Horseman decides it is time to rebuild his life and become famous once again. Join BoJack as he hilariously attempts to reconstruct his life with the help of his agent named Princess Carolyn (voiced by Amy Sedaris) and writer Diane Nguyen (voiced by Alison Brie). With its dark humor, smart remarks, and lovable characters, you are sure to love “BoJack Horseman”.

Arielle Lavine and Lynda Wu, Graduates

By Tal Harxhi

Arielle Lavine and Lynda Wu: What was your best moment in High School? On the music trip in grade 12, Linda Wu, Sinju Pao, Nina Webber and I went to the woods in the middle of the night and ate noodles with a comb and made it with shower water in the bathroom. And you Linda.... During music camp, we were too lazy to take off our boots and put them back on every time so we went from building to building and ran around in our slippers and socks

What was your best moment in High School?

Arielle: On the music trip in grade 12, Lynda Wu, Shinju Pao, Nina Webber and I went to the woods in the middle of the night and ate noodles with a comb and made it with shower water in the bathroom.

And you Lynda…?

Lynda: During music camp, we were too lazy to take off our boots and put them back on every time so we went from building to building and ran around in our slippers and socks.

Forest Hill’s New Club: The Crafting Club

By: Sarah Chu

We have a crafting club? Yes, indeed! It began last year with around ten members who all shared a passion to make crafts and give back to the school community. With their hardworking president, Xinni Lin, they have made crafts for Pink Day and want to to expand the crafts that they can make.

Their work includes a wide variety of creations ranging from headbands to scarves. As a crafter myself, I went to ask the president some questions, and received some interesting answers.

Q: When is the club running and where?
A: Crafting club runs tuesdays at lunch in room G25.

Q: What started the idea of a crafting club in school?
A: The idea of Crafting Club started when my friend was knitting in school and other friends found it fascinating and wanted to learn so we decided to start our own club dedicated to making crafts.

Q: What kind of crafts do you do?
A: We have a lot of yarn so we knit and crochet various items for our own interest such as fingerless gloves and scarves at the moment. We plan to make small plushies, pompoms, embroidery, crochet flower, and flowers from tissue paper in the future, and we are open to more suggestions.

Q: Do you make crafts for any events/charities?
A: We plan to make crafts for school events and charities. For example, last year during our meetings we made headbands and decorated T-shirts for Pink day.

This year, we plan to make knitted goods such as socks to donate to charities so that homeless people can stay warm during the harsh winter.

Q: Who are the sponsoring teachers?
A: The sponsoring teachers are Ms. Campbell and Ms. A.Chan, who are cool and wonderful teachers. I am extremely grateful for their invaluable assistance with running the club and for going above and beyond merely supervising the club.

Q: What are some goals you want accomplished from crafting club?
A: I want Crafting Club to inspire people to discover their passion for making crafts and learn to persevere through a time-consuming project.

It is a close-knit community where people can learn and teach each other and new members are always welcome to join.

In addition to being fun and relaxing, I want crafting club to make a difference by assisting the school and the community through its crafts.

If you are interested in making crafts and having a good time, join Crafting Club!

Calling All Coffee Addicts!

By Mira Rossen, Emma Blatt, Emma Bogner, and Zoe Flores

Himalayan Java

: himalayanjava.com
Location: 2552 Yonge St (Yonge and Eglinton)
If you’re looking for a quiet study atmosphere near school, hop on the eastbound 32 bus and head to Himalayan Java. Only a short distance from FHCI, this coffee shop is a great place to enjoy some food while hitting the books.

Chill out with an iced mocha if you’re sweating over an upcoming test.

The Mad Bean

Website: themadbean.com
Location: 519 Eglinton Ave West (Forest Hill)
If you’re looking for an indie oasis just steps away from the school, swing by The Mad Bean. This independent coffee shop, run by friendly family trio Brian, Lisa and Cody, provides an amazing ambience.

Intriguing artwork, an eclectic bookshelf and regular live music performances make The Mad Bean stand out.

Stop by after class for a quick smoothie or drop in on the weekend and listen while you sip.

Rooster Coffee House

: roostercoffeehouse.com
Location: 2 locations: 479 Broadview Ave (Riverdale) and 343 King St East (Downtown)
If you love lattes and enjoying the outdoors, pay a visit to the Riverdale location of Rooster Coffee House. In addition to making amazing hot lattes (better than their iced version), this coffee shop is accessible from Riverdale Park and is recommended for weekend relaxation.

Make yourself at home on the patio and take in a wonderful view of Toronto.

Whether you’re craving something sweet or savoury to eat, Rooster has you covered. Both the sweets and the orange olive oil muffins are excellent choices.

Seven Grams

Website: sevengrams.ca
Location: 131 Avenue Road (Yorkville)

If you’re looking for a café fairly close to FHCI with a little bit of everything, check out Seven Grams.

Delicious sandwiches, healthy treats, eye-catching art along the walls and a community feel – suitable for studying or socializing – are just a few of the great features of Seven Grams. With a two-floor interior offering free Wi-Fi, as well as nice big windows and an outdoor patio, this coffee shop truly has something for everyone.

Snakes and Lattes

Website: snakesandlattes.com
Location: 2 locations – 600 Bloor St West (Annex/Koreatown) and 489 College St (Little Italy)
If you love to play games, then Snakes and Lattes is the perfect café for you.

Equipped with more board games than you can count, this great get-together location offers a variety of dishes, snacks and beverages.

This is an ideal weekend spot for socializing. However, do not expect to walk in and get a table right away. There may be a wait, so bring some friends along to pass the time, both at the door and on the game board!

Notable Mentions

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters
Multiple locations, cozy dark ambience, good for studying
Baker & Scone
Fairly close to school, countless scone flavours, good for breakfast
Boxcar Social
Multiple locations, lots of space & very cozy, open late, good for studying
Dark Horse
Multiple locations, great strong coffee, good for an all-day weekend study session
Hotel Gelato
Very close to school, hot and cold drinks, plus gelato, good for socializing

Sandeep Niranjan, Graduate

By Tal Harxhi

 Sandeep Niranjan: Which teacher inspired you the most to take the career path you wanted to go into too? Well it may be indirect but I suppose Ms. Dalamba definitely made a huge contribution to what I chose and what I wanted to do in my future. She didn’t really affect my decision for law but more so pursuing a degree that really helps me be more enthusiastic about what I want to do. She also helped me with presenting and speaking and become more socially strong and adaptable to any situation.

Which teacher inspired you the most to take the career path you wanted to go into too?

Well it may be indirect but I suppose Ms. Dalamba definitely made a huge contribution to what I chose and what I wanted to do in my future. She didn’t really affect my decision for law but more so pursuing a degree that really helps me be more enthusiastic about what I want to do. She also helped me with presenting and speaking and become more socially strong and adaptable to any situation.

Dear Grade 9 Me…

By Janet Chukwu and Kejsi Vaso and Mira Rossen

We asked senior students for advice that they would give themselves if they were back in grade nine. Below, a collection of senior students share their best pieces of advice based on years of high school experience. In other words, this is what they wish someone  had told them when they were in grade 9.

Dear grade 9 me, the great moments of your life won’t necessarily be the things you do; they’ll also be the things that happen to you.

Dear grade 9 me, don’t stress too much about grade 9 since it gets way harder; dress better, and making friends is easier than it seems so don’t worry about it.

Dear grade 9 me, keep your work ethic throughout all of high school.

Dear grade 9 me, study hard.

Dear grade 9 me, DON’T PLAGIARIZE.

Dear grade 9 me, getting your phone taken away isn’t that bad.

Dear grade 9 me, join clubs.

Dear grade 9 me, don’t be afraid to leave your friend group and try things outside your comfort zone.

Dear grade 9 me, claim your lunch spot early.

Dear grade 9 me, plan ahead for your future.

Dear grade 9 me, don’t procrastinate.

Dear grade 9 me, fast track courses to reduce stress in your grade 12 year.

Dear grade 9 me, ask questions. Being curious isn’t a bad thing.

Dear grade 9 me, find the quickest path to your classes so you don’t get stuck in a hallway traffic jam.

Dear grade 9 me, go for extra help with teachers. Just do it.

Dear grade 9 me, you don’t need to eat beef patties every single day.

Dear grade 9 me, the grade 12’s are just as lost as you are. Don’t worry.

Dear grade 9 me, be social and make more new friends.

Dear grade 9 me, you should have transferred to Forest Hill earlier.

Dear grade 9 me, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Dear grade 9 me, I wish I could tell myself that I would grow so much more than I could have ever expected in my wildest dreams. That these four years of high school would shape me in profound ways, whether through the relationships I’ve cultivated (one in particular) or just the people I was surrounded with in my classes.

So, Grade nines, remember that it gets better and you will survive high school!

High Five

Five Jokes by Austin Kranc

1. A student holds a putter.
“I’m now a student leader. I own the golf club.”


2. A science teacher shows her students a live frog ready for dissection.
“Class we will perform an experiment.”
She puts the frog down.
The frog jumps.
She then cuts off the frog’s legs.
“Jump!” She says again; yet this time the frog doesn’t jump.
“Did you see that, class? Frogs without legs can’t hear!”


3. A student comes to his math teacher for extra help.
“I can do addition, but I can never figure out subtraction problems,” says the student. “What’s the difference?”
The teacher responds, “Exactly.”


4. An exhausted student exits his physics class. He approaches his friend.
Student: I’m extremely tired and sweaty.
Friend: Why? Which class did you just have?”
Student: “Physic-al education.”


5. At this school there is the business club and the cooking club.
One makes dough, the other is cooking club.



What’s a podcast?

It’s an audio documentary.

Here are a few examples:

Daniel Genaro created this podcast which asks the question, “Are you addicted to your phone?”


This podcast by Keigo Ogawa answers the question, “What is success?”


This podcast about artificial intelligence is created by Kevin Jorgo:


This podcast by Samantha Myers is about alternative medicine:

How to Deal with Stress

By Kelly Ho

High school is definitely a place full of stress!

You may experience a lack of sleep in order to keep up with homework, extreme anxiety before tests and exams, and a loss of appetite due to stress. However, If you don’t deal with these problems head-on, it will likely lead to an emotional breakdown.
Some may ask, “How can I manage stress?” The answer to this question is simple. Find positive solutions to deal with your ongoing stress!
It is important to recognize the factors that make you stressed because it can help you recognize the root of the problem.

Always remember: Don’t battle stress alone!

Find someone who is reliable and trustworthy to talk to. Also, there are lots of ways to reduce stress.

Here are Ways to Reduce Stress

  • Relax: Take a deep breath and start meditating.
  • Time management: Organize your life by following a to-do list
  • Talk to someone and express your feelings in a positive way
  • Lean on your loved ones
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat properly
  • Exercise regularly
  • Do what you love
  • Avoid negative thinking

Album Review: Sound & Color

By Ester Themeli


Searching for some good, new music that’s actually good and new?! Well look no further, my friend! Alabama Shakes’s new album “Sound & Color” is definitely worth your time.

Alabama Shakes are an American soul/blues/rock band that formed in— you guessed it— Alabama, in 2009. The band members are Brittany Howard (lead vocals, guitar), Zac Cockrell (bass guitar), Heath Fogg (guitar, backing vocals), and Steve Johnson (backing vocals, drums). Brittany Howard’s voice is heavily influenced by the Southern atmosphere that she associates herself with.

The Alabama Shakes are unique in that their music has very obvious elements of Southern blues and soul, but they put their own spin on the genre and add an element of rock.


The band’s most recent album, Sound & Color, was released this year and got immediate positive feedback from websites like: Billboard, NME, and The Rolling Stone. This album is filled with amazing songs. The first few seconds of the first song in the album, “Sound & Color”, has a chill vibe that you can’t help but love. I promise that you will find yourself swaying back and forth to the music.

Not only does this album contain relaxing songs, but it also has a wide variety of fun and upbeat songs, like “The Greatest,” to which you can have have a one-person dance party in your room (come on, we all have one of those every now and again).

If you like what you hear you should definitely buy their album. I know guys, actually buying music’s totally a bummer but this album is so worth it.

Mr. Parkes

Mr. Parkes retired last June after teaching for over 30 years. At FHCI, he was the Head of History and then the school librarian in his last couple of years.

He will be remembered for being a notorious punster, the master of the backwards walk (down the hall while still chatting with you) and, most of all, an all around super nice man!!

Here are a couple of pics from his retirement party: one is with Mr. Lee and the other is with his family.



Band Review: Twenty One Pilots

By Vanessa Ifepe

Abstract, Authentic and Alternative.


These are three words that describe Twenty One Pilots, one of the biggest alternative, bands I know. This band strives to be different through their sound, lyrics, and unique personality. The band members, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph, continue to give their fans, referred to as the skeleton clique, the alternative hip-hop, indie pop and electro pop everyone starts to crave once they hear about this band.


I heard about them through a friend last year and at first like everyone else, I didn’t appreciate their talent. I thought it sounded messy and confused. As time passed, I grew to love it. Tyler and Josh often say that their goal is to challenge the mainstream style of music.

They’ve proven to do just that with their original and unique songs and performances.

When I started listening to Twenty One Pilots, I first listened to the album Regional At Best and then listened to Blurryface, their most recent album that debuted on May 19th, 2015. I would describe Blurryface as mainstream lyrics with a twist. Their sound is unpredictable, meaning you never know what to expect and I personally think that’s what makes them interesting.

I hope that, as Twenty One Pilots continues to grow in fame, other bands and singers will follow in their footsteps and become more expressive.  If you’re looking for a new band that will make you question your taste in music, this is the band for you. Songs I would recommend are: Lane Boy, Car Radio, Addict with a Pen, Migraine, Kitchen Sink, Stressed Out, We Don’t Believe what’s On TV, Slowtown, The Run And Go, Ride, Tear In My Heart and Lovely. There are many more but these should give you a little taste of what to expect.