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Ask Questions for the Mental Health Assembly

Please submit any questions you have about stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental-health related questions. Some of these questions will be chosen to be answered at the question and answer portion of the mental health assembly. Your name will be kept anonymous.

Exclusive: Spirit Week Events Announced

Spirit Week is next week! Here is everything The Golden Falcon knows about Spirit Week: Monday, September 25th Club Fair at lunch in the courtyard Tuesday, September 26th Athletic Council Activity (to be determined) Wednesday, September 27th Music Directorate Activity (to be determined) Tropical Day

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee – The only sport where no Ref is needed! Ultimate Frisbee was brought to FHCI by Mr. Kleiman who believed that it was different than any other sport. Although it is a fast paced, non-contact sport game with features from soccer, basketball, and

Science Club

Here is a blurb from the student leaders of Science Club: The Science Club offers students amazing opportunities to participate in numerous scientific experiments and discussions that will further enhance their understanding of the world of science. The club gives passionate students a chance to

Math Club

Here is a small blurb from president Denis Qeska: Math club is a positive place where members can enrich their experience in math through theoretical, abstract problems. The purpose is to encourage and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through “math experiences”. We hope our