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The Mystery In Space Programs

By Ethan Blumberg I have always asked myself why the Canadian and American governments annually spend enormous amounts of money on their respective space programs and different international space initiatives. The scale of the spending has led to a constant debate in both Canada and the

Six Podcasts by Grade 11 Students

These podcasts were written and recorded by FHCI Grade 11 English students. Amelia talks about biracial identity: Andi’s interviews about ads and body image: Jules talks to fellow “sneaker heads” in this podcast: Evelyn discusses conspiracy theories: Emma talks about school spirit (and the lack thereof)

Aboriginal Minority Rights

By: Sabrina Negeri In collaboration with Editors The best predictor of future behavior is often past behavior. In the past, not only has the Canadian Government idly sat by as horrendous crimes were committed against Aboriginals, many attempts of reconciliation have failed. Aboriginals had been

A Separate Quebec – Opinion

Please note: the following is an opinion piece By: Brandon Kaufman In 1980, Quebec held a referendum that asked if its citizens desired a province with “sovereign-association” to Canada. Sixty percent of Quebecers rejected this change in dynamic. In 1995, another referendum put it more