Pets of FHCI: Boo

This pet belongs to Lauren

Does Boo have any weird habits or skills/tricks?

My puppy has some pretty good skills, one of them being that he understands three languages: English, Russian and French.

How Boo changed your life in any way?

I, of course, am his favourite in the family. He loves me the most and has become my best friend. He sleeps at my feet, cuddles on my leg and loves to play, and with this we have become so attached and I don’t know how I’d be without him.

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Pets of FHCI: Benny

This pet belongs to Katarina P

Briefly describe a funny or interesting moment you or someone else has had with Benny. 

My bunny always sleeps beside me on the couch while I’m watching TV and it’s the sweetest thing ever. He also licks my face, runs around with my soccer ball and has the cutest wiggly nose. Oh, he also snuck into my room and peed on my sister’s face while she was sleeping.

How has Benny changed your life in anyway?

Benny has taught me a lot about love and responsibility. As cliché as it sounds, whenever I see that he’s happy or excited it makes me happy too. Also, ever since I realized how smart and amazing these little animals are, I became more involved in supporting and learning about animal rights. Knowing that about ONE BILLION rabbits are killed each year for testing and the use of their fur is heartbreaking. I’ve stopped wearing fur and leather and wear cosmetics that aren’t tested on animals (It’s not hard, you should do it too)! Benny has widened my view of not only bunnies but all animals because they are such intelligent, beautiful and passionate creatures we shouldn’t take for granted!

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Pets of FHCI: Ace

This pet belongs to Abi P

What interesting tricks can Ace do?

“An interesting trick he can do is stand on two feet for about a minute if he wants a treat! He also loves Harry Potter and gets absolutely excited when anything Harry Potter related plays on TV; he drops everything he is doing and comes and cuddles up to watch any of the Harry Potter movies!”

How has your pet changed your life in anyway?

“Ace has changed my life since I am able to turn to him during the stressful exam seasons! He always has my back and accompanies me happily through everything. Ace is always happy and excited and instantly boosts my mood when I am feeling down. He makes my family whole and although it might sound cheesy he is the final funny and wild piece to my family.”

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Pets of FHCI: Bruiser

This pet belongs to Tyler B

“Bruiser maybe a small, lazy and snoring pug, but he does some tricks that are the most impressive I’ve ever scene! He can guess correctly where the treat is in between my two hands and points to them with his paw.”

If Bruiser were a human, what would some of their personality traits be?

“Like I mentioned before, Bruiser (Notorious P.U.G) sleeps bare. If he were a human, he would be a couch potato that would watch Planet Earth all day and yell at the T.V. (because he barks at it every time), eat a lot and sleep. When the weekend comes around, Bruiser would be that guy who parties hard for five minutes then goes to pass out on the couch.”

Does Bruiser have any weird habits or skills/tricks?

“Bruiser loves to sleep. He is constantly sleeping, but when anyone in my house brings in food or tries to walk as quietly as possible with food, he will get up instantly and run as fast as he can to where the food is. He then just sit there and beg. Bruiser also does some pretty rad tricks. If I put a treat in any of my hands and close my fists he will lift up his paw and tap the hand which has the food.”

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Pets of FHCI: Mocha

This pet belongs to Clarissa Evans

My dog, Mocha has a weird habit of only eating if someone else is around him, we leave food out all the time and he won’t eat unless we are there nearby in the same room/floor as him. When I got my dog in 8th grade, I was already addicted to coffee and he was a darker caramel brown colour than he is now, so the name Mocha just seemed to fit.

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Pets of FHCI: Sonny

This pet belongs to Olivia Gould

Does your pet have and weird habits or skills/tricks?

Whenever he hears the word here, no matter the context, he starts to bark and runs to the front window because he thinks someone is at the door. Even if someone says, “can you hear me” or “look over here” he has the same reaction every time. He isn’t very smart.

Why did you decide on the name you gave to your pet?

Originally we gave him the name Sonny because he is a Fox Red Labrador so he is more of a red colour and we just liked the name. As he got used to being in our house we started to pick up on his favourite spots to sleep and sit, those being outside in the sun, near the door when it is open so the sun shines in and on the couch near the front window where he can look outside and have the sun on his face. So we knew the name was perfect.

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Pets of FHCI: Mozzie the Snake!

This pet belongs to Deno Nemeth

Briefly describe a funny or interesting moment you or someone else had with your pet.

During the summer I used to take him on walks. I would put him around my neck and just walk wherever so he could sun bathe. One day I was walking with him and I saw one of team mates from rugby walking towards me. I stopped to say hi and he thought the snake was fake until it moved its head. He freaked out and started screaming when he realized it was real. Funniest reaction I’ve gotten.

Why did you decide on the name you gave your pet?

My snakes name is Mozzie after a character in the show White Collar. I chose this name because like the character in the show, snakes are very sneaky and very good at escaping.

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Pets of FHCI: Todd

This pet belongs to Julia Rudnicki

Why did you decide on the name you gave to your dog? 

“The Disney movie “The Fox and the Hound” was a childhood movie of mine. The fox’s name is Todd and it really seemed to fit my new puppy.”

How has your pet changed your life in anyway?

“Todd has definitely changed my life. He looks like a teddy bear and he has such a positive presence that every time I look at him, I become instantly happy. He impacted my life in a very positive way.”

Does your pet have and weird habits or skills/tricks?

“Todd can sit, lie down, and give a paw. His favourite toy is a small pig.”

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