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The Autonomous Hour

An Inside Look at the FHCI Robo Sapiens | “Everything was going decently until our robot smashed into one of the field elements, ripping the entire intake mechanism off of the robot.”

Save the Little Blue Planet

By Linda Cako Climate Change has never been good news. Science has always provided the evidence for the global impact and consequences stating that we would experience more extreme weather, see an unprecedented rate of extinction, and have more toxic levels of smog. Within the

The Mystery In Space Programs

By Ethan Blumberg I have always asked myself why the Canadian and American governments annually spend enormous amounts of money on their respective space programs and different international space initiatives. The scale of the spending has led to a constant debate in both Canada and the

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Rise Of The Dead: Woolly Mammoth Revival

By Abi Parameswaran Why do scientists want to revive the Woolly Mammoth? This is not a commonly asked question in people’s day to day lives since many do not have the time to question these new found scientific experiments. However, it is important to be informed

The Dark Side of Technology

By Josh Blatt Why was technology made in the first place? This is a question that people should be asking themselves far more frequently, as it outlines many of the problems that exist with its use in modern society. Technology was first made to make

Science Club

Here is a blurb from the student leaders of Science Club: The Science Club offers students amazing opportunities to participate in numerous scientific experiments and discussions that will further enhance their understanding of the world of science. The club gives passionate students a chance to