Humberside vs Forest Hill: Game Analysis

Hockey / Brian Stauffer

By Jake Greenberg

On Tuesday, November 29th, the Forest Hill Falcons Varsity Hockey Team kicked off their season against Humberside Colligate. After 13 years of coaching the hockey team, Head Coach Mr Ketchum had never beaten this school in a game. When the game was all said and done, this streak was finally put to rest. The boys came through for their coach and took home a 2-1 win to start their season with a bang.

The Falcons started off slowly, losing the opening faceoff and playing in their own end for the majority of the first five minutes. Some may think that this would tire out the team — physically and mentally — but the Falcons kept pushing. Once the puck was finally being consistently controlled in Humberside’s defensive end of the ice, chances upon chances were being continuously generated for the Falcons. With 3 minutes left, the puck landed on the stick of the Falcon’s older Mierczuk brother, Axel, who wound up and fired a shot to the top left corner of the net. Opening the season’s scoring, and showing Humberside that no matter how hard the Falcons get down, they will always fight back and end up on top.

Once the second period began, the game only got more aggressive. Big hits coming from both sides seemed to be the theme of the game. With the Falcons falling victim to some bad penalty calls, Humber Side had Many opportunities to come back and tie the game. With power play after power play, Humberside could not turn chances into goals, mostly due to the outstanding play of Elliot Zolf in net. During a small window on five on five hockey, the determined Falcons scored again, with Dylan Katz tipping another strong outside shot from Axel Mierczuk.

In the third period, the Falcons were determined to keep Zolf’s shutout alive, but Humberside had other plans. They won the period’s opening faceoff and just like the start of the game, dominated the Falcons in their defensive end; only this time, finding the back of the net of a big Wrist shot from the hash marks, cutting the lead in half. Throughout the period Forest Hill and Humberside were battling back and forth, but the goaltending on both ends of the ice was too good for both opposing offensive units, Humberside’s goalie controlling all rebound and Zolf coming in clutch stopping both a breakaway and a penalty shot.

The final buzzer went off and the Falcons went home feeling accomplished. This game was a very good example of how hard work will bring people to victory and allow them to come out on top. The Falcons season is just the beginning and anything can happen in any given game, but hopefully winning can be a common factor for each of the rest of their games.

MVP Discussion

By Jake Greenberg

Hockey, unlike other sports, is heavily focused on team play rather than individual player success. Since early October, 31 NHL teams have been battling against each other every night. This season has been filled with great saves, impressive goals, big hits and selfless interviews. After the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley cup in 2012, captain Jonathon Towes was interviewed about the finals. In the same year, only two weeks later LeBron James and the Miami heat won the NBA finals, LeBron being the unofficial captain and best player was interviewed about his respective final series. Patrick Lyster took to twitter to show the difference in selfishness between the two players in their sports. LeBron said “I” 18 times in his short interview, saying “we” none. where Towes said “I” zero times and said “we” 14 times.

The good old hockey game is filled with players that disregard their personal play to praise their teammate’s and their team’s ability to win, but that doesn’t mean the personal play of these players is irrelevant. The NHL most valuable player award, or the Hart trophy is given to the player that performed the best for their team all season long. Who wins this award is normally argued through points scored, team wins, and ability for the team to succeed with or without a certain player. At this point in the season, the race for the Hart trophy is already shaping up to be a good one with twenty-nine players averaging at least 1.0 points per game compared to last year’s eight ( At the dawn of the season, Connor McDavid (22 points), Sidney Crosby (15 points) were the great favourites to win MVP, but now three months in, the league has shown us that there are many other players capable of and pushing to winning the most prestiges award of the year. Steven Stamkos, packing a league leading 31 points is the favourite to win at the moment. His team is playing at an extremely high level, having won 14 out of 18 games, only losing two in regulation. This season it would be hard to argue that the lightening would be playing at the same level if it wasn’t for Steven’s outstanding, MVP caliber play. Nikita Kucherov, who is leading the league in goals with 16 in only 18 games, is not only right with Stamkos in the MVP conversation, but is physically with him in Tampa bay; playing on the same line. Goals have always been seen as more important when it comes to points in the NHL, being the first tie breaker when two players have the same amount of total points. Although leading in goals, his 14 assists bring him to second place in league scoring. The two players are showing an outstanding amount of talent and prove they are top notch every game that the lightening play, but because they play together, it will be hard to settle the argument regarding who is more valuable to the team, sadly hurting both of their chances. ( Auston Matthews, the second year California native playing for Toronto is already in company with some of the all time greats after just 98 career games. This year, after 16 games, Auston Matthews had 19 points, and had the the leafs to nine wins out of 16 games. For the Leafs last three games, Matthews has not played due to an upper body injury; the leafs have won all three games. The team showing capability to win with out their star does not help his chances to win league MVP, but if he cant continue to score at a high rate, and help his team continue the winning streak they had while he was hurt, it puts him right back in all conversations had about the topic ( Many players like Johnny Gaudreau in Florida and Blake wheeler in Winnipeg, who are carrying their respective teams on their backs have trouble landing their way into people’s every day conversations. This is due to the small hockey market in the city that their team plays. It is easy for someone that is not a die hard hockey fan to turn on their television and awe at the skill of Connor McDavid, or realize how easily a player like Sidney Crosby can take over a game like it is nobody’s business, but that is because they have more nationally televised games. The 2017-2018 season is just staring, and with teams still having to play 66-60 more games, there are many players that can still make a splash in the MVP race, and there is plenty of time for the guys leading to completely fall off. Hockey is known for it unpredictable nature, there is never a disappointing night. Will it be a pre-season favourite like Crosby or McDavid?
Will one of the two lightening stars? Tune in every night and watch the NHL players do what they do best, impress the audience and make this a very hard argument to win until it’s all said and done.

Take a Knee Campaign

Red Alert Politics

By Vanessa Ifepe

Twenty four NFL players at Wembley Stadium in London, took a knee during the
American National Anthem in protest of Donald Trump. This was after Trump made a
comment about players who take a knee during the anthem needing to be fired. Time
and time again, Trump has proven to get under people’s skin and caused protests
across the country. The constant intertwining of sports and politics has been frown
upon, but that doesn’t stop the players apparently. First it was Kaepernick sitting down
during the anthem and now this. If you ask me, it’s a wonderful movement.
I think it’s a good thing for various sections of the world to get involved. It helps spread
awareness and lets the people know that they aren’t ignoring this. It shows them that
they are listening as well and not taking everything with a grain of salt. I am not one to
get in the middle of politics, but this is something I am strongly for. It irritates me when
celebrities do not use their authority to be for or against things that can heavily influence
the public in a good way. What is the point of having a voice if you are too afraid to use
it? This is a big flaw in our world today. These NFL players are setting an example of
what celebrities should be doing and should have been doing already. Better late than

Judge or King of the League: MLB MVP Races

By Aaron Gotkin

Hot days filled with sunshine and children wearing shorts hardly feels like a typical fall day. Nevertheless, it is fall and that means time for postseason baseball. So far in the playoffs, underdogs have rallied and surpassed some top tier teams in series filled with energy. The playoffs and the upcoming World Series may be an exciting event on everyone’s upcoming radar, but there are still MVP awards to decide upon.

In the American League, there are a plethora of different types of talents to pick from with no sure winner. However, the popular vote is likely to be Aaron Judge. This tight end playing right field for the New York Yankees has had an unheard of the rookie season. This season he passed an old home run king, Mark McGwire for most round-trippers hit by a rookie, with a daunting 52. With his limitless power this season he as well has scored 128 runs and has hit in 114 of his teammates, first and second in the AL respectively. MegaJudge’s unlikely counterpart in this MVP race is the 5”6-second baseman for the Houston Astros, Jose Altuve. Unlike Judge, Altuve has posted a far above .300 batting average of .346 which led the entire MLB this season. Along with his portrayal of superior contact ability this season, Altuve has hit 24 balls out of the park and has scored 112 runs, second only to Judge. The small yet quick Venezuelan has also swiped 32 bags and has played Gold Glove-caliber defence. Although one of these men could be mistaken for the other’s son, they both have strong cases for AL MVP especially with their teams currently competing in the American League Championship Series.

Altuve has posted a far above .300 batting average of .346 which led the entire MLB this season

The National League has a quite opposing feeling to the AL race. There seems to be an almost guaranteed MVP winner with only a few other unlikely candidates. It is almost certain that the NL’s 6”6 version of Judge, Giancarlo Stanton will take home the award this season. He has led the entire MLB with 59 home runs, the most by any player since 2001. He has put up massive run production numbers with 123 runs scored and 132 batted in. His team might not be in the playoffs, but his historic season builds a great case for the award. The only other players that have a minute chance to beat out Stanton’s insane season are two fellow Colorado Rockies, Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado. This duo each place in the top ten of almost every NL stat but still seem to stand inferior to the aura of Stanton.

This season has been filled with players aiming to hit the ball out of the park every at-bat and trying to maximize their chances with new hitting philosophies as well. More and more balls seem to be flying over the fence every night and it seems that the player in each league with the most balls over the fence is going to win their respective MVPs.

Astonishing Soccer Events In the Past 2 Months in Europe

By Muhammed Melik Izol 

Last week was a big one for all the soccer fans around the world and the soccer fans at Forest Hill. The world’s two most prestigious soccer competitions, UEFA Champions League, and the Europa League games were played. From surprising defeats to unseen field events, there was everything.

Can Barcelona FC do it again?

Two months ago, on February 14th 2017, in their away game versus Paris Saint Germaine, Barcelona lost 4-0, and surprised every soccer fan in the world. However, they made up for this humiliating loss by beating PSG 6-1 at home on March 8th 2017 and moving onto the UEFA Champions League semifinals, a comeback rarely seen on a soccer pitch. Last week in Italy, on April 11th 2017, Barcelona again had a surprising defeat with a score of 3-0 against Juventus and now have the fans wondering if they could pull of another amazing comeback in the second leg of the game, at home on April 19th 2017.

Ronaldo’s 100th 

Current title holder of world’s best player, Cristiano Ronaldo had a stellar performance against Bayern Munich FC. Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid has won the player of the year award, the prestigious Fifa Ballon D’or (Golden Ball) four times, just one behind all-time record of Lionel Messi. The two European giants, Bayern and Madrid clashed against each other at Bayern Munich’s field, Allianz Arena. The game finished 2-1 in favor of Real Madrid, and Ronaldo scored both goals for his team. He now has 100 goals in all European competitions, more than anyone has scored in history of soccer.

A rare occurrence.
An event that’s never seen before happened in the Europa League game between Olympique Lyonnais versus Besiktas JK, on April 13th 2017. Before the start of the game, the fans of both teams clashed against each other in the stadium, which caused the Olympique Lyonnais fans to flee into the pitch. Thousands of fans in the field caused the game to be delayed 50 minutes. The game finished 2-1 in favor of Olympique Lyon, and the second leg of the game will be played on April 20th 2017.

How can you not be romantic about baseball?

By: Gabe Nisker

Much of my childhood was founded upon sports. At a young age, I attached myself to the winning teams, picked favourite players and loved playing catch or shooting hoops. So, it’s no surprise to me at least that the World Series is basically a week’s worth of holidays. As a result, I found myself rooting harder than ever before to have the Blue Jays in there. Now, that’d be doubly special.
Once the Jays clinched a playoff spot, I felt like having a champagne celebration, just like the team was. When Eddie hit a walkoff homer to send us to Texas, I was there in my first base side seat, 24 rows up, high-fiving strangers and hugging friends. It felt like I was walking on water, it was pure elation. When Joey Bats hit a 3-run HR to cap off a resounding Game 1 victory in Texas, I watched every minute on TV, celebrating while Estrada twirled a masterpiece and the bats rolled their way through Cole Hamels and the rest of the Texas pitching staff. Game 2 was far more stressful but the end result: still joy. And when Donaldson dashed towards home? When he scored on that Rougned Odor error? It was poetic. I nearly cried, I’ll be honest.
Baseball’s always been super special to me, even compared to many of those other sports. It’s cerebral, it’s thoughtful and it’s an anomaly. It’s a team sport, comprised of so many little individual actions. I continue to argue with friends about whether it’s more difficult to hit a golf ball or a baseball. (Obviously it’s a baseball! It’s moving, it’s harder and it can be breaking and moving in so many different ways).20111119-blue-jays-better.jpg
But back to the Jays. When the team’s wheels finally came to a stop, when that pesky Cleveland baseball team grinded its way to 4 victories, I accepted it. Begrudgingly, of course. How could I accept defeat? They’d come this far. How could I accept defeat? Cleveland spent its drunk celebration harping on what Jose Bautista had said. But you know what? I accepted defeat. It was necessary. I now watch this fantastic Cubs-Indians World Series with great joy and a great lesson learned.
How you react to the tough situation, those losses? That’s what makes you who you are. Handle adversity and figure out who you are. Even if you don’t handle it well, you’ve learned something about yourself. Even if you can’t overcome it this time, you’ve learned what to do better next time. And that’s what baseball teaches me, time and time again.239486805-500x394Baseball’s formed me from the ground up. And I’ll always remember where I was when I watched Eddie hit a walkoff homer in the wild card game. I was in Section 116R, Row 24, Seat 2 at the Rogers Centre.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee – The only sport where no Ref is needed!

Ultimate Frisbee was brought to FHCI by Mr. Kleiman who believed that it was different than any other sport. Although it is a fast paced, non-contact sport game with features from soccer, basketball, and American football, while all these sports require the assistance of a referee, ultimate relies upon the spirit and sportsmanship of the player’s for fair play.frisbee-layout-white.fw.png

Ultimate is one of the fastest growing sports communities, and has a lot of recognition in Forest Hill. However after an unfortunate season last year, and Mr. Kleiman leaving this year, the players were worried for the absence of an Ultimate Frisbee team in the year 2016/2017.

To overcome this situation, the veterans from last year stepped up and formed FHCI’s first ever Frisbee Club to raise awareness and train the junior grades for the Spirit Game.

With the help of Mr. Geomolean as the staff sponsor of Frisbee Club, and FHCIs new librarian teacher Ms. Kohler covering for Mr. Kleiman as the coach of Ultimate Frisbee, the team is looking better than ever!

Make sure to try out for the team and show your support for your Falcons in the upcoming season of Ultimate Frisbee.

FHCI’s Fashion Week – Clothing Drive

Hey Forest Hill!

For THIS WEEK ONLY, our school’s Social Action Club is running a clothing drive for Syrian refugees who have recently arrived in Toronto. The goal of the campaign is to collect new and gently used clothing for New Circles in Toronto ( New Circles is currently focused on providing your clothing donations for free for the next two years to Syrian refugee families now living in Toronto. New Circles is looking specifically for the following items:

– clothing for boy’s sizes 4-16
– clothing for young men (contemporary styles)
– plus sizes for women
– lightweight fabrics, eg. short sleeve shirts, shorts, capris, dresses, cotton sweaters, lightweight coats, sandals

Bring your clothing to the collection boxes in the OFFICE and in the FOYER during lunch and before school!

Forest Hill’s Very Own Horseback Rider

By Samara Silver

“I was riding across the open countryside and a Canadian film crew spotted me and filmed me for a documentary that later aired on CBC.” This is one of many of Hy Burstein’s incredible stories through his life journey. Hy, a man that’s ridden over 50, 000 kilometers on a horse and who lives out his passion for horseback riding and travel. Through the years, Hy has passed his love of adventure on to his family. This is acknowledged if you ask his granddaughter, Ashley Burstein about her most desired interest: “I am most passionate about Horseback riding”. Who knew? Forest Hill’s very own horseback rider? Learning from her grandfather, 16-year-old student, Ashley Burstein in grade 11 has been riding for most of her life. At only 6 years old, Ashley began to ride at her family farm.

Growing up Ashley always had a love for horses, whether it was reading, learning or even taking care of them. Having a farm of her own with four horses and a grandfather who travelled the world on horseback, it was no surprise that Ashley got into this amazing sport. In Caledon, Ontario, where Ashley visits her farm most weekends with the rest of her family, is where she does most of her riding. As well as going to a stable to train with her riding coach.

Ashley has participated in many competitions throughout her time riding. At the age of 10, she participated in a horseback riding show where she experienced one of her most major achievements. At Fox Bury Stable, Ashley competed in a Halloween show where her and her horse got to perform dressed up. Among several other competitors, Ashley finished the competition in first place! “It was such an amazing to know that I was able to come out on top among so many other people,” she says.

Horseback riding is a very fun, therapeutic and competitive sport, however can be very dangerous as well. Ashley says the scariest thing about horseback riding the fact that they get scared very easily and become spooked. When this happens it causes to them to either kick you off or become out of control and run very fast. “Its hard to do anything about it which is why people get hurt most often because of it,” states Ashley.

Horseback riding is a big part of Ashley’s life and will always hold a passion for it. When asked what her favourite thing about horse back riding is, she says, “It’s a lot different from other sports. I find it very relaxing and a great way to relieve my stress.”

Shootin’ 3’s and not even 5 foot 3

By Tyler Burstein


The best basketball players playing today are in no way “small”. Using their skill plus their intimidating size, players such as LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers have and amazing set of skills, but it also helps when your 6 foot 6 and 250 pounds.

This doesn’t apply to grade 9 FHCI student Ryan Burstein, although he isn’t very tall what he lacks in height he exceptionally makes up for in skill.

“I started playing really young (around 7), but I got into basketball from a movie called “Space Jam.” When I saw Michael Jordan playing basket ball with Bugs Bunny I was so inspired to do what he does… play basketball” says Ryan when asked about what got him into basketball. “It turns out it was just a simple movie that got me doing what I love most.”

After convincing his parents, Ryan soon joined basketball camp and did this up until he was 10. “After lots of playing on my own time I soon decided to push my self and do summer camps for basketball. After my first couple of years at camp I joined house league basketball when I was 10.” Ryan then joined North Toronto House-league Basketball (NTHLB), during the time the players were still very small and this allowed Ryan to really be the star and end up trying out for Single A Basketball which he made when he was 9. “After playing a year on Single A I needed to push my self further I knew I could do better” which we did and Ryan then made Double A when he was 10.

“I was extremely intimidated, everyone else there was at least more than half a foot taller than me, I couldn’t believe in myself and almost didn’t try to succeed just because I was smaller than everyone else and through the tryout I learned my greatest weakness turned out be my greatest strong suit,” says Ryan, I then asked “what do you mean by you learned that your greatest weakness turned out to be your greatest strong suit?” Ryan than answers with something very intriguing, “Going in to the second tryout of Double A I realized that my height wasn’t stopping me, it was the whole reason to be pushing me forward. I figured out that instead of rushing in to the net I decided to get better at shooting where I could stay on the outside and keep helping from their. Thinking my height was stopping me it gave me the perseverance to push forward, never give up and never stop working to reach my goals.”

Ryan shows that he is just not an ordinary kid trying to make it through high school, he sows that he is an individual that has a problem he cannot fix an instead of complaining and not doing anything about he decided to take advantage of it and uses it to keep pushing forward knowing that if he gives up it will only show weakness. “Playing basketball has also given me the ability to bring my parents together since their divorce, my happiness and goals is something they both love enough to come to together and push me to do my best.” Ryan’s main reason for pushing is his own heart as he lives by one famous quote by 5 foot 4 Toronto Blue Jays Player Marcus Stroman, “height doesn’t measure heart.” Ryan then expresses his feelings about the quote “this relates to me on a very personal level and it could to others as well because no matter how small you are if you have the skill to give it your all you will succeed.”

Ryan had some very inspirational words and then got asked if he had anything else to say about his future “I would like to help people like me who want to go into sports by becoming a sports doctor to help the injured get back out there and give it all they got and if you face any problem no matter the situation (if you have ADD or OCD and can’t focus) there is always a way you could use your weakness that are holding you back and use them in a way to change the game for yourself, stay strong, stay positive, push through it and never give up”.

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