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Creative Writing: Scorn

By Justin Shapiro I – HIS WRATH For years he walked the ides of the free, turned to ashes by the men of yield, slayed by killers without names, the spawns of Tempter. Riddled theirs minds of disease and plague, dawn marked a day of

The One and Only Day of Pink

By Gabe Nisker I get to school. It’s loud. Music blares. It hurt my eyes. So much pink. It might hurt for you to read this. So many short sentences. Anyways, Day of Pink was today. That’s April 12th, for those of you reading this

Day of Pink: Why we celebrate it

By: Janet Chukwu Last year, Forest Hill Collegiate had the privilege of working with the Toronto Police to create an amazing Day of Pink event. The school showed exceptional school spirit, with the entire school dressing in pink for the special day.