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Dance Fashion Show 2017: Cassie L.

By Osvald Klimi  What’s your role in the show? I’m a model in the party scene and exam scene. What are your outfits/dresses? Exam scene: sweat pants and tank top. Party: leather pants, heels, t-shirt. What’s your favorite part of being in dance fashion show?

Food Culture Club

By: Nicole Smith The Food Culture club is a new club to FHCI with a focus on educating students and staff on different cultures around the world. As the FHCI community is so diverse, this club is meant as a platform for students to share

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

By: Nicole Smith The Jewish Students Union (JSU) is a club where students (Jewish or not) are invited to learn, discuss and celebrate the Jewish religion and culture. Every week pizza is brought in from Tov Li and fun activities are played. Raffles are also

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee – The only sport where no Ref is needed! Ultimate Frisbee was brought to FHCI by Mr. Kleiman who believed that it was different than any other sport. Although it is a fast paced, non-contact sport game with features from soccer, basketball, and

Art Club

ART CLUB is a group of enthusiastic students, passionate about the arts. We work on creative projects for school events. In the photo: (from left to right) Back row: Arielle de Souza, Spencer Spiegelman, Michael Wang, Maria Pletneva, Roxana Irimus Front row: Hedieh Hashemi, Emel Tabaku, Kefon

Chamber Choir

Chamber Choir is an intimate, small group of skilled singers who are passionate about music and singing. In the photo: (from left to right) Sophie Jordan, Pin-Chen Sylvia Hsu, Melissa Shiff, Alethea Alexander, Chloe Maranan, Rachel Perlmutar, Olivia Xoxa Presidents: Melissa Shiff and Alethea Alexander Teacher

Math Club

Here is a small blurb from president Denis Qeska: Math club is a positive place where members can enrich their experience in math through theoretical, abstract problems. The purpose is to encourage and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through “math experiences”. We hope our