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Exclusive: Spirit Week Events Announced

Spirit Week is next week! Here is everything The Golden Falcon knows about Spirit Week: Monday, September 25th Club Fair at lunch in the courtyard Tuesday, September 26th Athletic Council Activity (to be determined) Wednesday, September 27th Music Directorate Activity (to be determined) Tropical Day

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Dance Fashion Show 2017 Review and Photos

By Osvald Klimi  On Thursday the 13, April 2017, Forest Hill Collegiate held its highly anticipated Dance Fashion Show for the third year in a row, where students showcase various trending outfits and original dancing routines. This year’s theme was “The Time of Our Lives.” A

Dance Fashion Show 2017: Cassie L.

By Osvald Klimi  What’s your role in the show? I’m a model in the party scene and exam scene. What are your outfits/dresses? Exam scene: sweat pants and tank top. Party: leather pants, heels, t-shirt. What’s your favorite part of being in dance fashion show?