What’s Your Perfect Prom Outfit?

How long in advance did you buy your outfit?

What's your plan for prom?

Who are you going to prom with?

What's your ideal theme for the night?

Are you excited for prom?

What's your ideal prom dinner?

What type of music do you wanna hear at prom?

What's Your Perfect Prom Outfit?

You’ve seen how prom is portrayed in the movies, and despite all the glitz and glamour, all you really want is to have a fun night with your friends/date. You don’t care for the extravagant, because all you want is to look nice, and have a good time. Going simple is your best bet, because at the end of the night it’s not about your outfit, but about the great time you’ll have with who you’re with.

You’ve been waiting for this night since you saw it in all those Disney Channel movies. You’ve been planning your outfit since time, and have the entire event planned out in your head. You want to have a night that you and your friends will never forget, and memories that will last a lifetime. Go OFF with your outfit, because you’ll never get a moment like this again.

You don’t much care for prom as you do more the spectacle of the event. You’ve been planning on how to look your absolute best, and can’t wait to be noticed come prom night. You can’t wait to strut into the venue with your friends/date with that bomb outfit you’ve been coordinating for months. Dress to draw attention, because you look like a snack and you know it.

Prom isn’t really your cup of tea – parties in general aren’t really your thing. You’d rather spend your night watching movies at home or hanging out at a friend’s house. Although, you do understand that prom is a one-time occasion, and you should attend. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own twist to it! Spend the night the way you see fit, not the way the majority wants it to go. Go with a few people, leave early, and make your outfit undeniably you. Wear what makes you happy, no matter how different you look.

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