What’s Your Perfect Rom-Com?

What’s your ideal Friday night?

What’s your favourite Valentine’s treat?

What’s your favourite part about Valentine’s Day?

What do you think Valentine’s Day should be about?

Are you a romantic?

Who’s your favourite rom-com S.O?

Do you even like Valentine’s Day?

What's Your Perfect Rom-Com?
You got To All the Boys I've Loved Before

You’re a romantic at heart, and love anything to do in love, including a sappy rom-com. Valentine’s day is YOUR holiday, and you’re going to have a great day with either your S.O, friends, or anyone else you care for!
You got She's the Man!

Romance isn’t really something you care about, as you’d rather focus on your passions and your career. However, if it does coming knocking, you won’t be one to turn it down. Valentine’s day isn’t really one of your favourite holidays but hey, maybe someday down the line it may be!
You got John Tucker Must Die!

An S.O. isn’t something you really need in your life right now, as you’re already too preoccupied with your amazing friends! Your friends never let you down, and are always there to make you laugh. This Valentine’s Day, instead of worrying about romantic partners, focus on those that you already know love you back.
You got (500) Days of Summer!

You’ve never fallen into the trap that “love conquers all.” You are a realist, and understand that love isn’t a “magical thing” but something that comes and fades with time. If you end up with someone, great, but you understand that finding romantic love isn’t the most important part of living, and that there are other things that matter more. To you, Valentine’s Day is a scam, but at least chocolate goes on sale the day after?

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