Which FHCI Teacher Are You?

Favourite Music Artist

Favourite Type of Cuisine

Favourite Quote

Favourite Beverage

Favourite Thing to Do During Free Time

Dream Vacation

Dream Superpower

One Thing You Would Save in a House Fire

One Global Problem You Would Solve

How Would You like to Be Remembered?

One Thing You Want to Accomplish in Life

Which FHCI Teacher Are You?
You're Ms. Monaghan!

You love Mexican food (especially tacos) and play rec sports in your free time. You live by the quote "YOLO" and you would love to travel to the Galapagos Islands. If you had a superpower, it would obviously be carbon-capture sequestration. And finally, after living a happy and love-filled life, you would like to be remembered for one thing: being awesome.
You're Mr. Basheer!

In your free time, people will find you sipping a cup of tea, listening to A.R. Rahman, and spending time with your family. You would like to one day visit every country in the world! You're a very good-hearted person, with goals of world-peace and a determination to make a positive impact on the people around you.
You're Mr. Berger!

On a weekend, you would be found listening to The Smiths, cycling, and eating Italian food. You couldn't live without coffee and your dog, and you enjoy travelling. You are a very honest person, whose goal in life is to simply live every day to the fullest.
You're Mr. Moore!

You love listening to a good Neil Young song while enjoying Thai cuisine, sipping on some cold water, and maybe reading a book while you're at it. Your dream vacation is fishing for Peacock Bass in the Amazon (wow, adventurous!) and if you could, you would love to be able to fly. You are a trustworthy and fair person, whose main goal in life is to simply do more good than harm.
You're Ms. Chan!

You love food, couldn't live without coffee, and can't put down a good book. You're an intelligent person who would love to be able to understand all languages in the world, and are very interested in museums and history. You are tough but fair and the one thing you wish to accomplish is, understandably, to end stupidity from entering the adult world.
You're Mr. Kleiman!

You're a big fan of Imagine Dragons, sushi, and podcasts. Your most prized possession is your signed copy of "The Ominvore's Dilemma" and if you were a superhero, you would like to be Time-management Man (or Woman). The one thing you want to do in life is give a TED talk, but not, like, a bad one. It has to be good.
You're Mr. Naylor!

In your free time, you like playing the piano, sipping coffee, and eating foods that are grown locally and resist classification (e.g. Apple). Your superpower would obviously be time travelling to 1860 and uniting Darwin and Mendel at a cafe in Paris, and the one mass problem you want to solve is not knowing how to act when someone tells you a story you've already heard. Your main goal in life is to achieve "The Perfect Classroom."
You're Mr. Dinsmore!

In your free time, you're usually found listening to Andre 3000, playing sports, and enjoying all kinds of food. You would love to travel all over Europe, and if you had a superpower it would be whatever Professor X has (sick mind powers). You want to be remembered as rational and kind, and your main goal in life is retirement.
You're Mr. Oosterhoff!

In your free time, you love listening to Leonard Cohen, eating Italian food, drinking tea, and playing computer games. You would love to sail around the world one day and have the power of living as long as you want to. You are very gentle and caring and, if you could solve one mass problem, you would probably fix the issue of "Us versus Them."

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