RoboSapiens 5699 York University Event

By: Sherry Yuan

Team 5699 is made up of a group of passionate and diversed people, students have career goals that are not related to robotics, some want to pursue art, some want to pursue medical science.

You might think joining robotics team needs a lot of knowledge. However, you don’t. What matters is passion, commitment, contribution and willingness to learn.

Our team started from nothing except knowing the game rules. We 3D modelled, fundraised, and manufactured the whole robot from scratch in 6 weeks. Then, went into the competition with finger crossed that everything will work out because we did not have any test due to the amount of time it took to manufacture.

On the second day of competition, we were picked as an alliance partner, meaning that we got into quarterfinals!! Without further talk, let’s dive into the game videos.

Best Moment Montage

Best Moments

Full Game Video

Robotics Team From A Student’s Perspective


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