Pets of FHCI: Ace

What interesting tricks can Ace do?

“An interesting trick he can do is being able to stand on two feet for about a minute if he wants a treat! He also loves Harry Potter and gets absolutely excited when anything Harry Potter related plays on TV; he drops everything he is doing an comes and cuddles up to watch any of the Harry Potter movies!” … More Pets of FHCI: Ace

Pets of FHCI: Mason

Tell us something interesting about your dog.

“My dogs name is Mason, and the funniest thing he’s ever done is imitate the sound of fire trucks and police siren. His special skills include giving hugs and playing patty cake.” … More Pets of FHCI: Mason

Pets of FHCI: Mocha

This pet belongs to Lauren

My dog, Mocha has a weird habit of only eating if someone else is around him, we leave food out all the time and he won’t eat unless we are there nearby in the same room/floor as him. When I got my dog in 8th grade, I was already addicted to coffee and he was a darker caramel brown colour than he is now, so the name Mocha just seemed to fit. … More Pets of FHCI: Mocha