Op-Ed: Confronting Injustice Beyond Black Squares

By Cagla Hatun Arslan, Tatiana Clarke, Gabriela Ribeiro-Oliveira A victim. George Floyd was a victim. There is no “but”. There is no explanation for his murder. There is nothing to doubt about his character. There is no excuse for George Floyd’s death. Stories of victims have been told, and that is not recent. There is … More Op-Ed: Confronting Injustice Beyond Black Squares

Chamber Night

By: Tatiana C. On October 16th, the day of the Chamber Night began as the last few parents trickled into the auditorium, taking their seats. As Mrs. Simas stepped onto the stage to open the show with a little speech, the crowd burst into applause. You can feel pride and joy in the air as … More Chamber Night

Volunteering Opportunities for November

By: Francesca C, Daria D, Sonika H, Ellaha S Holland-Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital Volunteer at Holland-Bloorview! Holland-Bloorview is Canada’s largest pediatric rehabilitation hospital, and is now looking for volunteers for the school year programs (Sep – June). Volunteers will get the chance to assist children with disabilities in learning, sports, and other activities. Volunteers must be: … More Volunteering Opportunities for November

No Cuts to Education

By: Sapna Humar and Abi Parameswaran In March 2019, Doug Ford’s Ontario government announced some major changes they would be implementing in the current education system. These proposals were immediately met with backlash, and for a good reason, as they will unquestionably have negative effects on students and teachers alike. If you aren’t aware of … More No Cuts to Education