The Survivors of the Earthquakes of Turkey/Syria

By: Eray Tanburoglu

On February 6, 2023, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the countries of Turkey and Syria. This event was devastating, with 14 million people being affected and 1.5 million being left homeless. It was classified as the deadliest natural disaster in Turkey’s modern history. Eray spoke online with a family member living in Turkey during the earthquakes.

Interview from Turkey, 34 years old, Outskirts of Adana. 

Eray: Hello, how are you?

Citizen: Hello, I am alright. I would like to talk about the Earthquakes in Turkey and how it has affected my life.

Eray: Perfect! What were you doing when the earthquake struck?

Citizen: Well, I wasn’t in the direct area where the Earthquake hit. However, I did feel the ground shaking and then heard some noises coming from a distance. I was at work at the time and we followed protocol and did what we would do in a situation such as this. After some time I was able to get home and check the news.

Eray: How did you feel at this time?

Citizen: Well, I was pretty scared due to the fact that I have many relatives in the area where the earthquakes originally hit. I reached out to them and I was able to confirm their safety, which was relieving.

Eray: What did your life look like as the earthquakes continued?

Citizen: My life was pretty restricted as many stores were closed. However, due to my job I was still able to work even while the earthquakes continued.

Eray: Do you have any last things you want to say?

Citizen: I want to thank you for this opportunity to allow me to talk about my struggles as the earthquakes continue. 

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