2023 POETRY CONTEST WINNER: Wine/Anesthesia by Avril Sacramento

Part 1: Wine
Wine, the bitter elixir of the broken-hearted.
A tale of two souls, torn apart, and tormented.
They find one another, thinking love could ease their pain.
But lack thereof for thyself is a burden to remain.
Confined by the mutual belief that with emptiness,
they could fill.
Reality taught them still;
No one could save them, but themselves.

Part 2: Anesthesia
Anesthesia, a numbing compromise.
To distract them from the bitterness the truth lies.
T’was their agreement to reunite.
Once they’ve found their purpose and their might.
Yet the fear lingered on.
What if the path which they embark upon alone will shift the tide and carry them to a foreign
With shattered hearts, they take on the journey away.
To heal their wounds and find their way.

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