“People’s Smiles are The Reason I Joined SAC”: How the FHCI Student Council Provides a Happy Environment for Students

By: Kevin Guo

10 minutes after school, waves of laughter and cheers filled the main foyer in the FHCI. Around a dozen students were decorating the school’s hallway to celebrate the 2022 World Cup. 

This is not the first time they were doing so. For years and years, passionate and helpful leaders in the Student Council have been devoted to the success and happiness of the community. 

“No matter how generic it might sound – people’s smiles are THE reason I joined SAC as the Events Coordinator. Seeing my classmates broken away from tedious classes and being happy during events I coordinate makes me feel drunk,” says Events Coordinator Aliya Bayer, a student welcomed for her passion in events set-up. (Aliya later mentioned that “drunk” was only used for the analogy)

“The duty of the Student Council, in my point of view, is to build a bridge of connection in the community, ” describes Alex Frook, the newly elected Grade 9 Representative.

Devoted to Organizing Activities

One of the main duties of the SAC is to set up events from time to time. They are dedicated to providing a place for students to enjoy and celebrate their diversity. The Student Council has had a busy schedule recently! The SAC members just finished the Halloween Haunted House and the Coffee House Event, which both received great comments from the students, and are moving to the Winter Event. 

“I found it happy to be part of this because I think it is worth it to make our students happy, ” says Erik Subashi, an affiliate member responsible for Club Liaising. 

From days to days and years to years, the FHCI Student Council is always prepared for organizing upcoming events. Our students, as always, are prepared to enjoy themselves during them.

Helpers and Leaders

“I hope that by being in the Student Council, we could help every student in every grade,” said Zoe Frantzis in her campaign speech as Grade 9 Rep. 

Our wonderful Director of the Student Council, Ms.Pawlowski, likes to describe the SAC as “leaders” who are always committed to the school. 

Within the school, the SAC is famous for its commitment to building the school into a more diverse and inclusive community. With their leadership and passion, the Student Council will help more students and construct a better place for all. 

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