Forecast For This Spring

By: Julia Gordon

To put it nicely, Toronto doesn’t always have the nicest temperatures in the early spring. We can try to stay optimistic, but there’s still always going to be that day in March that drops to -20℃, or that freak snowstorm in late April. So how can the average concerned student know what to expect this spring?

 Look no further for your comprehensive guide to this spring in Toronto.

One good sign for the spring comes from everybody’s favourite rodent meteorologist/oracle, Wiarton Willie. On Groundhog Day back in February, Willie didn’t see his shadow, meaning that we were alleged to get an early spring. However, the groundhog may be hiding years of deceit. According to this article by CBC News, from 1999 to 2020, Wiarton Willie was only correct 32% of the time. Personally, I’ve never liked Willie, and am happy to lead the protests against his egregious lies. Just need to get some posterboard and a megaphone first. 

I know everyone is reeling after the blasphemy of a certain groundhog, but do not lose hope! Farmers, as we all know, are much more trustworthy than prophetic rodents, and the Farmer’s Almanac (linked here) is kind enough to predict the weather in the near future. To summarise it, this April is due to have a bit of rain and snow around the beginning, but will then settle into cooler temperatures and lots of sun. The temperature average is 5℃, which is two degrees lower than usual, but the precipitation amount is 40mm, which is 25mm less than usual.

April will be April; sun, random snow flurries, and still not t-shirt weather. Boo.

In short, don’t get your hopes up. This horrible mix of rain and snow we’ve been getting will continue for about another two weeks, but things don’t get much better after that (I suspect a good deal of mud). I recommend looking on the bright side, and enjoying all the lovely indoor facilities that are available during this miserable period. Just remember to not trust groundhogs, and you’ll be safe. Good luck out there, and try not to freeze.

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