Clubs of FHCI: Cookies for a Cure

Cookies for a Cure is one the most interesting clubs at FHCI, mixing charitable causes with
delicious treats! To highlight the recent and extremely successful bake sale they organized, we
spoke to club presidents Hawa Waizi and Yalda Panah about the club and its role at Forest Hill.

What does Cookies for a Cure do?
We raise funds for charitable causes such as the Red Cross and men’s prostate cancer. We do
this using bake sales that we put on, with teachers and students being able to donate!

How did the club start?
Cookies for a Cure started to help the child of a teacher using bake sales. From there, the club
went on to other charitable causes. We joined in grade 9 and decided to pick it up as leaders
in our grade 12 year. We really liked what the club was offering and the idea of a club that mixes
baking with helping our community; two things that we’re very passionate about.

What are some of the events you’ve had?
In November, we had a bake sale for Movember, and on Valentine’s Day we had a bake sale for
Turkey and Syria. Members from the club (including us) bake delicious treats and we sell them.

Tell me more about the bake sale you recently had.
We’ve always been really successful in our bake sales, and this one was for a good cause: raising funds for Turkey and Syria in the wake of the earthquake there. The fundraiser was Valentine’s day themed and all proceeds went to charity. Cookies for a Cure sold cupcakes, meringues, cookies, chocolate pretzels, brownies, and many more. We feel really happy to be able to contribute to such an important cause.

Why should someone join this club?
At Cookies for a Cure, we have fun baking all while raising money for charity. As a member, you
can make a difference in your local and global community. It’s a really welcoming space where
you can make a difference and eat cookies!

How do students join?
We have meetings every 2 months in room 214 at lunch with our queen Ms. Pupovac, and new
members are always welcome. We have a really fun time at these meetings, where we eat
cookies, plan sales, and discuss potential foundations!! You can also follow us on
@cookiesforcurefhci on Instagram to get updates on upcoming events and DM us with any

What’s your favorite type of cookie?
Chocolate chip cookies!!

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