Pets of FHCI: Sonny

This pet belongs to Olivia Gould

Does your pet have and weird habits or skills/tricks?

Whenever he hears the word here, no matter the context, he starts to bark and runs to the front window because he thinks someone is at the door. Even if someone says, “can you hear me” or “look over here” he has the same reaction every time. He isn’t very smart.

Why did you decide on the name you gave to your pet?

Originally we gave him the name Sonny because he is a Fox Red Labrador so he is more of a red colour and we just liked the name. As he got used to being in our house we started to pick up on his favourite spots to sleep and sit, those being outside in the sun, near the door when it is open so the sun shines in and on the couch near the front window where he can look outside and have the sun on his face. So we knew the name was perfect.

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