Pets of FHCI: Bruiser

This pet belongs to Tyler B

“Bruiser maybe a small, lazy and snoring pug, but he does some tricks that are the most impressive I’ve ever scene! He can guess correctly where the treat is in between my two hands and points to them with his paw.”

If Bruiser were a human, what would some of their personality traits be?

“Like I mentioned before, Bruiser (Notorious P.U.G) sleeps bare. If he were a human, he would be a couch potato that would watch Planet Earth all day and yell at the T.V. (because he barks at it every time), eat a lot and sleep. When the weekend comes around, Bruiser would be that guy who parties hard for five minutes then goes to pass out on the couch.”

Does Bruiser have any weird habits or skills/tricks?

“Bruiser loves to sleep. He is constantly sleeping, but when anyone in my house brings in food or tries to walk as quietly as possible with food, he will get up instantly and run as fast as he can to where the food is. He then just sit there and beg. Bruiser also does some pretty rad tricks. If I put a treat in any of my hands and close my fists he will lift up his paw and tap the hand which has the food.”

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