2018 Varsity Boys Soccer Team

By: Dylan Sayo

This year the Varsity Boys Soccer Team has made a regional championship run on the field. Despite having 2 losses and a draw, their strong efforts got themselves 3 wins to top off the regular season.

The team had put up an impressive performance throughout the season. One of their highlights include their first playoff game against Central Tech, winning 7-0. The hustle on the offensive side as well as the heart of the defensive side and goalkeeping without a doubt was a major factor to a successful season for the boys.

Defender, David Meraj in the quarterfinal game against Central Technical School. (Photo taken by Anna Atela)

In the south regional finals against CTA, your FHCI Falcons were able to keep the lead throughout the game. Earlier in the start of the season, CTA and FHCI went head to head in the season opener and ended in a 4-4 draw, so the boys knew that it was time to show CTA who the better team was. “We knew that if we scored first that we would be able to win the game”, said defender, Kevin Alika. And of course to start off the game, Alessandro Fabiano scored the first goal from a strike inside of the box. Moments later, Marko Turic scored to lead the falcons 2-0. CTA retaliated by cutting the falcons lead to just 1, until Fabiano scored another goal to end the half at 3-1. In the second half, CTA scored, cutting the falcon lead to only 1 goal again. Fabiano then responded with a header from a free kick taken by Bilal Reslan for a hat-trick, ending the game 4-2 for a Falcons win.

Midfielder, Nathan Wilkie maneuvers around 2 Greenwood defenders. (Photo by Anna Atela)

Thanks to the help of leading scorers and veterans Marko Turic and Alessandro Fabiano as well as playmakers such as Nathan Wilkie and Julien Chanel, the boys have been able to make a push for a regional championship. Credit is also due to the defensive players such as team captain Andreas Levine, David Meraj, and goalkeeper Silvio Monaco. Not to mention the coaching efforts of Mr. Ferroni, Yahya Rage, and Kayem Alharash. A big congrats goes to the whole team for an amazing season and representing the school in a great way!

Seniors, Marko Turic and Alessandro Fabiano; the leading scorers of the team. (Photo by Anna Atela)
Team photo after the winning the south regional championship, led by coach (on the right) Mr. Ferroni. (Photo submitted by Kevin Alika)

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