5 Annoying Things People Do In the Hallways

By Laila Hashem

Forest Hill’s hallways are the gateways to everyone’s favourite pastime, class. I’ve always thought that the purpose of a hallway was to get from point A to point B, but these last four years have really made me question my understanding of their purpose. Perhaps I am wrong. What if the purpose of our hallways is to reunite with friends you’ve seen 18 hours ago? Or a place for students to have daily competitions that will determine who can walk the slowest? To be honest, I wouldn’t really be surprised because this is what I face DAILY at school, and I am literally SOOOO over it.

Anything that doesn’t involve walking at a steady pace towards your destination has major potential to disrupt the flow of traffic in a hallway and can be seriously annoying for everyone else. It’s not like I’m saying you can’t talk to your friends or anything like that, but there are just certain things people do in the hallways that must end. NOW.

  1. Standing and talking in the middle of the hall. These people seriously confuse me. Like, don’t you have a class to get to? I’m about to go fail a math test, so unless Justin Bieber just asked you to marry him, whatever you need to tell your friends can wait.
  2. Walking incredibly slow. Okay, I’m not asking anyone to pull a Usain Bolt or anything. I get it, fitness is hard and stairs suck. But so does walking behind you. So, please, please pick up the pace, people.
  3. Eyes glued to the electronics/floor. Okay, we all do it. But at least try to look up every couple of seconds. School isn’t a romantic comedy, so I’d rather not do that thing where we both can’t decide which direction to go so we have to keep going back and forth. You know exactly what I’m talking about.
  4. Reuniting with friends. We all know that one overly cheery person who just can’t stop giving hugs. No hate, I love hugs. But I do not love being late to class because you had to have a full out reunion with your friend who you saw 18 hours ago. In all seriousness, unless your friend just returned from a lovely vacation in Africa, you do not need to reunite with them in the MIDDLE of the hall. Please.
  5. Competing in the Olympics. Have you ever stepped into a hallway and been hit by a basketball, a soccer ball, a water bottle, or just been rudely bumped into by a couple of people who seemed to be playing tag? Because I have. Multiple times. And it hurts. So, if you want to play games, go to Chuck E Cheese, or the field across the street. Thanks.

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