5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Grade 12

By Jessica Huong, Esther Eisen, and Sydney Shapiro
  1.  Leadership positions are a lot of work. Grade 12 is the time to step
    up and become a leader of the school. However, these positions can be
    very time-consuming. When we applied for these positions, we wish we
    knew not to take on too many.
  2. Think about applying to universities in advance. The deadlines to
    apply for programs comes faster than you would expect and it is a good
    idea to keep this in mind in grade 11 and plan ahead.
  3.  Grade 11 marks are looked at. We look at them every day! Just
    kidding! Universities look at grade 11 marks for early acceptance, so
    don’t slack in grade 11!
  4. Make sure you have all of the prerequisite courses for grade 12.
    There may be some classes that you want to take or are required for
    the program you’re applying for, which have prerequisites. Make sure
    you have them all.
  5. It is not as hard as you think. It is harder than Grade 11, but it
    is not as big of a jump as you would expect it to be. What makes Grade
    12 hard is juggling many other things like scholarship applications,
    university applications, extra-curricular activities, and making room
    for free time.

Grade 12 is a challenge but one that you can conquer, especially with
this advice! Good luck!