6 Cheap but Decently Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 

By Keigo Ogawa

For many, Valentine’s is a day in which money disappears from their wallets. Statistically, the annual spending of Valentine’s Day exceeds $13 billion dollars, as a person spends $150 on average. To anyone who is sane, that’s a lot of money (not all of us have a small loan of a million dollars). This article will provide you with cheap gift ideas so you can survive the day debt free.

i) Chocolates
One of the most typical gifts purchased on Valentine’s Day. There are cheap chocolates and then there are expensive ones. The latter will most definitely drain your wallet. Make a trip to your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart, and purchase a box that looks the fanciest.


ii) Homemade Sweets
If you’re a baker, make treats at home instead of buying them. You can never go wrong with Valentine’s classics like heart shaped cookies and brownies with pink sprinkles. For more inspiration, check out this article on Buzzfeed.


iii) Love Infinity Knot Ring
This delicate, uniquely shaped ring is trending among women. Crafted with 925 Sterling Silver, she can wear it everyday without worrying about oxidation. You can purchase it for around $10. Check it out at amazon.


iv) Couple Themed T-Shirts
Show everyone your status by wearing matching T shirts. You can customize a T at companies like CustomInk. For cute, Disney related couple clothing, check out etsy.com.


v) Flowers
Nothing says “I love you” more than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They come in a variety of prices, and can be bought anywhere, especially during Valentine’s. You can also order them online from companies such as Teleflora. Comes with free delivery.


vi) Romantic Novels
If your significant other is someone who loves to read, a romantic novel could be the perfect gift. There is a variety of books to choose from, such as Erich Segal’s Love Story, E. L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey, and Calvin Trillin’s About Alice. Most are purchased under $20.


Lastly, the ultimate way to spend less on Valentine’s Day is to stay single. Snuggle in your bed with a bowl of popcorn, and watch Netflix.

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