An Interview with Ms. Roca

By: Rachel Nirenberg

Q: What do you want people to take away from the Storm 3?

A: After experiencing Storm 3, I trust the audience will leave the theatre armed with a bounty of questions.  The objective of theatre is to address questions, not to answer them.  I should hope that students will stir up a vortex of discussion.

Q: How does this year’s play compare to previous years’? What makes it unique?

A: 2016 has been a most difficult year globally.  Citizens of the world have been assaulted by a cacophony of insults, horrific slurs, personal and public attacks, a dangerous rise in nationalistic posturing against the backdrop of an election for the most powerful public office on the planet.  We grieve.  The headless leader has returned.  The past is present.

Q: What are you most excited for the school to see?

A: I am always excited to share in a suspension of disbelief. It is magic.

Q: Can you talk about the process? How do you go from absolutely nothing to a completed product?

A: Hard, hard work.

Q: If you could describe the Storm 3: Cacophony in only three words, which words would you use?