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Teachers of FHCI: Mr. Berger

If you weren’t a teacher, what do you think you would be? “I gave some real thought to being a lawyer for a while, and I also thought about being a professor and haven’t entirely dismissed that as a possibility maybe sometime down the road.”

Humans of FHCI: Lauren Mirabella

What is your biggest fear?

“Heights. When I was little I got stuck at the top of the monkey bars at school and I had to wait until 3:15 for my mom to pick me up because I was so…”

Humans of FHCI: Beza Tadesse

If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?

“I would tell them to always trust their judgment and never let others persuade their thoughts. You have to be a very…”

Humans of Toronto — missing Chicago, loving T.O.

“I chose to interview my dad, Robert Greenfield, for this project. I wanted to interview him because I think that it’s interesting how he moved from his home city, Chicago, to another one. He had never been to Toronto before, so it was a big change and I wanted to know more about this change in his life.”

Humans of FHCI – Dani Leite

Who is your favourite teacher and why? “I’m new to FHCI so I don’t know many teachers, but I really like Mr. Lee and Ms. Roca and Ms Neumann and Ms. Ibe and I guess I like all of the teachers I have this semester

Humans of FHCI: Anna and Mady

By Mia Brenner Do you have any funny holiday memories? Mady:” Last Christmas my cousin really wanted some ginger-ale and my Grandma always says soda. She was like’ oh Grandma do you have any ginger-ale’? My grandma was like ‘No sorry, I don’t have any’.

Humans of FHCI: Max and Emerson

By Mia Brenner What are your plans for the holidays? Max: “Relax. Sleep, read a book or two, go out a bit.” Emerson: “I’ll work a couple more hours on my shift and then sleep as much as possible.”  Do you have any new year

Humans of FHCI: Dylan

By Mia Brenner Can you share any specific holiday memories? “My Mom used to tell me this story where [on christmas] we got a bulldozer toy that you could sit on. My brother was like really jealous and he pushed me off of it. My

Humans of FHCI: Michael

Do you have any funny holiday memories?

“Once my sister opened up all of the presents early, two hours before everyone woke up. My parents as a punishment made her do 500 lines and took the presents away for later and forgot to give them to her and we never found the presents.”

Couples of FHCI – Teodor and Krystael

By Danielle Westreich, Jessica Huong and Esther Eisen How long have you been dating for? Krystael: “Almost two months” How did you start dating? Krystael: “Teo made the first move and Jacob was his wing man.” Teodor: “I tried to find ways of talking to

Humans of FHCI – Laura Wigdor

By Jamie Kerzner and Georgia Blatt What is your favourite and least favourite thing about Grade 12? “My favourite thing about grade 12 is knowing that it’s my last year, so I can enjoy the time with my friends. My least favourite thing is all

Couples of FHCI – Chase and Bailee

By Jamie Kerzner and Georgia Blatt How did you meet? Bailee: “Jenna Kauffman and Jack Bleiweis set us up.” How long have you been together? Bailee: “A long time.” Chase: “A year and a half.” What is your favourite thing to do together? Chase: “Go