Christian Ocampo, Sheridan College


Hi, high school was a roller coaster for me. The ups and downs, the unexpected turns and changes. Some calm and easy times, some scary and uneasy times. But that happens to test our strength, our perseverance. Can you go on this ride without killing yourself, without making a fool of yourself, and if you do, can you keep on going? It shows you your strengths and weaknesses. Shows you what ride you can or can’t ride on. I loved that I could be my musical self and walk around not worrying about getting pushed into a locker, coz the lockers are too small anyway. You grow with the same people, people your age and make memories together. The food was good when I was in grade nine. Deep fried fries.

If you think that your life will be difficult in high school, think again, because it doesn’t compare to the new world of post secondary education. It’s difficult. But the choices you make in high school do prepare you for what you choose in the future. I’m doing same thing as I did in high school. I’m in a performing Arts Prep program at Sheridan College, and I’m singing, dancing, using computers, acting, all of which I did in high school.

If you wanna get through the fours years of kid prison, just think positive everyday, stay humble, and learn. Learning is good. Be yourself because everyone is taken. Learning is good. You learn as much as you put in. Seek righteousness and you will find prosperity. If your mind is set like that, you’ll impress your peers and professors in university or college. Make wise decisions. I never did drugs or drank, but from seeing the outcome of that, from my peers, it results in lates and absences, and you won’t think straight. Stay pure. But most importantly, have fun. You can’t get through the maze without enjoying every dead end and learning from your mistakes. If the world seems to be against you, remember, there is only one who will fight for you. It’s God. He will never hate you. That I learned from childhood, kept it with me, and kept me going. Persevere, and join choir. Stay classy.

You’re welcome.

And go to Sheridan! Bruins are the best! – Christian Ocampo