Clubs of FHCI: Cope Council!

By: Sonika Humar | Co-Editor

How does Cope Council aim to help improve mental health for the students of FHCI?
As a mental health council, our goal is always to help improve the wellbeing of the students
around us. In our programming, we focus on areas from self-care to education. We also fundraise
to support local mental health organizations through activities such as rock painting, therapy dogs and seminars, just to name a few. We have at least one fundraiser activity a month aimed at helping our school community de-stress and have fun. We also have regular meetings where we discuss different issues around mental health, from facing stigma, to finding support.

What are some of your most favourite projects thus far?
Though it’s of course so hard to choose, our favourite project so far has been rock painting. It
was our first activity of the year and it was so fun to be able to do something creative and outdoors.
We got to kick off the year with a bunch of new faces and great energy!

What are the projects you guys are currently working on?
Last year around exam time, we were able to have two therapy dogs come to school! It was so
fun and probably our most successful activity to date. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to do it
again this year! 

What can students at FHCI do to relieve stress?
It’s so important to make sure to take time for yourself! Self-care is the best way to ensure you
are in the best mindset to be productive. Sometimes it feels like you just have to keep going to
catch up, but that can often lead to burnout which is counterproductive. Take breaks! Go on a
walk, spend time with friends, watch a tv show, whatever it is that relaxes you. 

Why should students become members of Cope Council?
It’s a really fun and stress-free way to get involved in the school! We have a really great and
supportive community and we’re always excited to meet and work with new people and new
ideas. Members help plan and brainstorm cool and new ways to bring the discussion of mental
health into the school, and get to host really fun activities as well!

When and how can people join Cope Council for next year?
At the end of the year, we will be giving out applications for anyone of any grade interested in
applying. However, for those who don’t want the commitment of a designated role, our activities
and seminars are always open to everyone!

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