Couples in Candor- Sidney & Alex, Grade 10

Sidney & Alex
Photo courtesy of Mira Rossen

How long have you been together?

Sidney: I asked her out on New Year’s, so about a month and a half.

How did you guys start talking?
Sidney: We just had the same interests and we started talking. How did we start talking? Well, she was the one chasing me (chuckles). We just always had things to talk about.

How do you support each other?
Both: Whenever we have any real problems we usually talk about it after school, text each other how we feel.
Alex: Most of my emotional support that comes from him is just from him there, actually listening.
Sidney: Homework problems, life, we basically mentor each other.

What’s your favourite thing about the other person?
Sidney: She is scary. She loves horror movies. We both watch horror movies, but she’s the one that scares me, not the movie (jokingly).
Alex: Your reactions are always so funny though.

What are three words to describe your relationship?
Subtle, very calm, and very happy.

Interviewed By: Mira Rossen