Couples of FHCI: Alyssa and Jhessmund


By: Kana Ogawa 


How long have you guys been dating?

Alyssa: 5 months!

Jhessmund: Actually, February 10th was our 5-month anniversary.


How did you guys meet?

Jhessmund: I met her through a phone call in Grade 9, when I went to Vaughn Road Academy. It was through one of our mutual friends. I actually met her in Grade 10 when we had drama together, which was in period 4. I was trying to talk to her the whole time. I was like “Alyssa, Alyssa” but she kept ignoring me!


What was your favourite date?

Jhessmund: The first time I asked her out, before we were dating. We went to the movies and I brought her home late at night. It was really fun.

Alyssa: I liked China town. At our first actual date, we went to China town where we were just exploring.

Jhessmund: They had bad bubble tea there…

Alyssa: I liked walking around and spending time together, just being able to talk to him.


What is your ideal date?

Jhessmund: Just being able to spend time together.


What’s a pet peeve about your SO?

Alyssa: When we are sitting next to each other, he’ll be like, “Do you want to cuddle?” And when I say yeah he goes, “Only if you want to.” It makes me so mad!

Jhessmund: There’s only one that really makes me mad, and it’s that she puts herself down a lot. I don’t like that about her.


Who wins the argument?

Alyssa: I apologize all the time. I do nothing and I apologize so I guess he wins.

Jhessmund: Our arguments aren’t really arguments. Its more like “No you, no you.” We don’t really win or lose arguments, so I think its more lose-lose. At the end, she starts apologizing and I’ll feel bad and so I’ll start apologizing.

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