Couples of FHCI: Josh and Hazel

Interview conducted by Olivia Gould


How long have you two been dating?

Hazel: 9 months and 3 weeks and 1 day.

What is one thing you love about your significant other?

Hazel: He’s very sweet, once I was really wet from rugby practice in the rain and he brought me a sweater and stuffed chocolate in the pockets.
Josh: She’s really supportive and comes to all my basketball games to cheer me on (even the ones outside of school).

What do you think about Valentines day?

Hazel: I like it because you can cherish each other everyday but its nice to be able to treat your significant other extra special for one day.
Josh: I think its nice, its a good way to appreciate the person you love.

If you had to decide on a couples costume for next Halloween, what would it be and why?

Josh: I could be Ash and you could be Pikachu.

Hazel: No, that’s not cute.

Josh: You could be Moana and I could be the big guy with a hook, or ketchup and mustard!

hazel: No!

How did you spend your valentines day?

Josh: We shared an ice cream at Demetres and saw a movie.
hazel: We also played a little bit of Pokemon Go.