Dance Fashion Show 2017 Review and Photos

By Osvald Klimi 

On Thursday the 13, April 2017, Forest Hill Collegiate held its highly anticipated Dance Fashion Show for the third year in a row, where students showcase various trending outfits and original dancing routines. This year’s theme was “The Time of Our Lives.” A lot of the choreographers, producers, and models of the show have been part of the show since its conception a few years ago and – being in grade 12 – wished to reflect on their experiences while in high school.

There were various scenes presenting common things that most high school students have experienced. These scenes ranged from parties to exam season to prom and more – including all types of occasions throughout the years. Following suit, the outfits also ranged from down-to-earth and everyday wear all the way to glamorous and extravagant dresses to anywhere in between.

Many models and dancers from grades 9-11 are keen on continuing to keep the legacy of dance fashion show going – and to have the time of their lives while doing it.

These models and dancers worked on this show together for quite some time and created memories that will be hard to forget, both for themselves and their spectators. Through the multitude of scenes, a viewer was sure to be reminded of all their most memorable times.