Forest Hill Indoor Soccer

On February 20th, the Forest Hill varsity indoor Soccer team went to compete in the U of T high school tournament.

By Keigo Ogawa

There were about 20 schools participating in the competition, all with great determination to take home the trophy. The Falcons arrived at the stadium at 7:30 am, and got ready for the first match of the day. The Falcons dominated their first game, leading by one point. However, the opponent was able to tie it up at the end with a lucky goal. The Falcons won their second and the third games, scoring more than ten goals! The team finished first in its division, and moved on to the playoffs.

With great determination and passion, the Falcons stepped on the field for their playoff match. The opponent was equally strong, but our team was able to score first. In the second half, one of our players was sent off for 2 minutes due to an unintentional foul. This put the falcons at a disadvantage, and the opponent was able to tie it up. With no more additional goals, the two teams went into penalty shots. It was a close game, but the falcons were defeated at the end. Our team was outstanding, and we are proud of you all!